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Transit X passenger view (credit: Transit X)

Transit X in Boston (credit: Transit X)

Transit X pod with family (credit: Transit X)

Transit X viewed from sidewalk (credit: Transit X)

Florida Transit X (credit: Transit X)


Windermere Blue Sunset (credit: Windermere Sun-Susan Sun Nunamaker)
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After a week of reporting on Trump affairs, I really have to thank Dave Finnigan (of for bringing to my attention a much more refreshing topic, a solar powered, quiet, clean, and efficient mass transit system, developed by Transit X.

Transit X in Boston (credit: Transit X)

Transit X passenger view (credit: Transit X)

TransitX-3m-slides for MIT Solve from Mike Stanley on Vimeo.
TransitX Indiegogo video v2 from Mike Stanley on Vimeo.
Can you envision our future world, where commuters would have access to wait-free, pollution-free, and accidents-free commute, 24/7 available, autopiloted within cities, beside highways, and along rail corridors? It is a privately-funded surface transportation network with the convenience, capacity, and cost that would offer much relief for our current buses, trains, cars, trucks, and short flights. With our current earthly population of over 7 billion, growing toward 9 billion, we will be needing much help with our current transporting system. Transit X pods may be the perfect solution for our 21st century transportation network, beyond what the Jestsons sic-fi cartoon offers, by having its autopilot feature and seating from one to five. It would also be a great way to help reduce the rate of climate change.


Transit X pod with family (credit: Transit X)

Transit X’s solar powered pod system has many advantages:

Headshot of Mike Stanley, founder and CEO of Transit X (credit: Transit X)

  1. It is 100% solar powered, with solar cells on the track providing the energy to charge pods, and therefore providing carbon-free and zero pollution.
  2. It is fast, with nonstop travel at 45 mph (72km/h) along main pods and 135 mph (217 km/h) along highways.
  3. It is much safer than our current roadway system, about 100,000 times safer, according to Transit X founders.
  4. It is affordable and with comparable fares to conventional mass transit. Private financing is possible even with low population density (350 people/km squared)
  5. Cities and towns can apply now to begin service in 2019. Installation is fast and not disruptive to neighborhoods. The first pilot will be ready in Boston, MA by end of 2018.

Below, is a video of an interview of Founder and CEO of Transit X Mike Stanley, by Jay Sugarman:

Interview with Founder and CEO of Transit X from Mike Stanley on Vimeo.

Transit X for Oct 27 Transit Technology Day from Mike Stanley above.


NBC Boston Bridgewater from Mike Stanley above.

About three weeks ago, Mike Stanley was here in Central Florida to give a demonstration/talk about Transit X, for Osceola County Commissioner Transportation meeting, Orlando City Commissioner (of District 4) Patty Sheehan, and Orlando City Director of Sustainability Chris Castro.  Subsequently, Dave Finnigan gave a two minute presentation to Metropolitan Orlando about Transit X, and also briefed Carolyn Fennell (of Airport Authority), Nicole Liquori (CEO of Sunrail), Eric Johnson (CEO of Lynx), and Laura Kelley (Director of Central Florida Expressway Authority) about Transit X.

Allow me to share a blueprint of the Florida Transit X Way, below:

Florida Transit X (credit: Transit X)

While we anxiously await for the first Transit X pods to be running in MA by the end of  2018, innovators, solar enthusiasts,  and potential investors of Central Florida and other parts of the world are strongly encouraged to  get in touch with Mike or Dave Stanley, via:

This is the way of the future! For those of you/us participating in its realization may help to save our planet earth!


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