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After much deliberation, Sun Is The Future is now launching the Renewable-FIT For Sunshine State petition. With this wider-based perspective, we’re hoping to gain greater support and momentum from various sectors of Renewables (Solar-Wind-Wave-Biomass-Geothermal) of the Sunshine State of Florida.  The motivation is to ultimately living up to the name of “Sunshine State”, utilizing as much of the renewable resources of our state as possible to transition away from the fossil fuels smoothly and quickly. Join us by clicking on and sign the Renewable-FIT For Sunshine State petition!

Solar and Wind Power (credit: Clipper Windpower)

Wave Energy (credit: Ocean Energy Limited, marine hydrokinetics)

Geothermal Heatpump Energy (credit: NREL)

Biomass Energy (credit Warren Gretz)

Wind Energy (credit: Todd Spink)

Solar Energy (credit: Dennis Schroeder)






























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