B. Florida Legislators: Please Let The SunShine In The Sunshine State!


To prevent losing portion of the state of Florida to the ocean and further development of extreme climate conditions while helping renewable energy industries to thrive in Florida, the most effective policy is implementing Feed-In-Tariff For Renewable Energy with Incorporation of Value of Solar and/or Each Renewable Energy. This policy will lead to reduction of CO2 and our utility bills, solve energy and pollution problems while creating local jobs. In the state of Florida, there is plentiful Sunshine that can be put into good use. Sunshine has proven to be the least harmful source of energy and will also soon be the least expensive source of energy. Incorporating Value of Solar/Renewables via Feed-In-Tariff is the most fair and effective way to utilize our renewable energy. Please:

1. view  for further discussions and videos explaining what Value of Solar/Renewables and Feed-In-Tariff are.

2. sign the petition for: Renewable-FIT For Sunshine State!

3. sign the petition for: Solar-FIT For Sunshine State!


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