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23 April

Incentive For Solar (3)- Researches in Artificial Photosynthesis & Its Consumers


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Yes, onward and forward with the saga of Incentive For Solar. Before I will bring up some incentive programs tried in many countries, in this post, I want to discuss part of the reason why I feel there should be more funding funneling toward the Sun. We are living in a time when the rules of the game is changing on us, the consumers. So, we need to spend some serious attention, time, energy, and of course, money in different directions for different games. Some of the very promising potential future game(s) may involve understanding of what’s referred to as Artificial Photosynthesis or Artificial Leaf:

Artificial photosynthesis is the field of research that attempts to replicate natural process of photosynthesis by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen using sunlight.  Those of you who did not fall sleep during chemistry class may remember  that photosynthesis is the process of converting sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide into carbohydrates and oxygen. The actual process that allows half of the overall photosynthetic reaction to take place is photo-oxidation (which is essential in separating water molecules by releasing hydrogen and oxygen ions).  These ions are needed to reduce carbon dioxide into a fuel.  As of now, the only way this is possible is through an external catalyst (a substance that allows a change in the rate of chemical reaction simply by its presence), catalyst that can react quickly and constantly absorb the sun’s photons (basic form of light and all other forms of electromagnetic radiation).  The general basis behind the theory of artificial photosynthesis is the creation of an “artificial leaf” type of fuel source.

Photo by Kumaravel via Flickr Creative Commons

Researches in this field are currently heading in directions mentioned below.

  • photoelctrochemical cell
  • dye-sensitized solar cell
  • NADP+/NADPH Coenzyme
  • photocatalytic water splitting under solar light

I invite you to a few minutes of  video clip at for  better understanding of artificial photosynthesis or artificial leaf that may be the potential answer to our future energy hurdle.



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