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13 September

Terrific News About Australia’s Renewable Energy Progress


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Terrific, on Thursday, Sep. 9, 2021, Australia has once again beaten its previous record for the share of renewables on its main grid, reaching instantaneous 58.3% , and also setting a new record for the share of wind and solar in the grid.  According to OpenNEM’s data,  the new record was set at 12:30 pm, and easily beat the previous record of 57.3% set just a few days earlier.  Since such records are usually set on weekends when industrial use is lower, it is quite telling when this new record was set on a weekday.

Wind and solar reached 56.1% at 12:30 pm, also a record of total output, although the aggregate total of about 14.5 GW was not a record. At the time of the record, rooftop solar alone contributed 32.4% of the total demand of about 24 GW while wind farms contributed 12.9%, and utility scale solar farms 10.8%.  Coal was reduced to 40% of the output, with black coal in Queensland and NSW providing 29.4% and brown coal in Victoria 10.4%.

Australian Energy Market Operator predicts that Australia will be able to reach instantaneous 100% renewable within four years or by 2025

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