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11 July

GemaSolar Power Plant-World’s First Solar Powered Catwalk, via Jessica Minh Anh!


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Solar Energy Has Arrived! Gemasolar Power Plant, a concentrated solar power plant with a molten salt heat storage system, located within the city limits of Fuentes de Andalucía in the province of Seville, Spain ,

Gamesolar Power Plant of Spain (attrib: Koza 1983)

Gemasolar Power Plant of Spain (attrib: Koza 1983),

is not only the first plant in the world to create a system that produces 24 hour a day electricity using only the power of the sun,it’s also been known to serve as the backdrop for various campaigns to set future trends (e.g.Louis Vuitton, Mercedes Benz and Ford). For the first time, in July (on July 17, 2015) of this year, this desert solar power plant in Spain will showcase the combination of haute couture and high end ready-to-wear collections from the 100-meter catwalk surrounded by circular formation of mirrors.

 This  spectacular event is organized and hosted by the famous Jessica Minh Anh, who is known for turning the most iconic venues into fantastic catwalks! She is the only fashion show organizer who has gained exclusive permission to some of the most phenomenal venues on earth (such as Grand Canyon Skywalk of USA, Eiffel Tower of France, London’s Tower Bridge of UK, Petronas Twin Towers’ Skybridge of Malaysia, Costa Atlantica of Dubai, or Gardens by the Bay’s OCBC Skyway of Singapore, etc.). Jessica’s status as the global fashion sensation and self-made entrepreneur is solidified by: FashionTV, Canale 5 Italia, Marie Claire, Le Nouvel Observateur, to name a few. She currently resides in Paris, France, and continues to travel the world in hosting her Unconventional Catwalks.  Press coverage for Jessica Minh Anh may be found on and her daily update is at .

 As Jessica walks down this catwalk on July 17, 2015, the world will take note that Solar Energy belongs to the new generation of the multi-talented, bold, creative, and beautiful, just like Jessica Minh Anh.  Plant manager Raul Mendoza Ruiz said, “Gemasolar is an international symbol of the next generation of power plants and represents the future, as Jessica does in fashion.” This J. Summer Show of 2015 will be filmed from various angles, using flying drones to highlight the sunlight’s effect on the stunning circular concentrated solar power plant. With solar energy’s exponential growth pattern, one may anticipate many many more solar power plants of various sizes to be rising up from all corners of the planet earth, be ready to surpass hydropower within a decade. The simple fact that Solar Power Plant may be considered to be used as a fashion catwalk reflects the essence of Solar Energy: it is bountiful, clean, healthy, free from conflicts, and accepted by all. We look forward to more catwalks such as Gemasolar in the Solar Future. We will also look forward to Jessica showcasing solar wearables in the future.

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