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31 May

The Dutch Has Shown Us How To Produce Solar Energy & Art Via Bike Paths


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Solar Bikepath of Netherland, first in the world, being installed in Nov. of 2014 (credit:

Solar Bike Path of Netherlands, first in the world, being installed in Nov. of 2014 (credit:

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My associations with people from Netherlands have always been extremely positive, enthusiastic, optimistically ambitious. So, it was not surprising that during Nov. of 2014 the Dutch (people from Netherlands) developed the first Solar Bike Path (with embedded solar cells) in the world, outside Amsterdam connecting the suburbs of Krommenie and Wormerveer! This Dutch project integrated solar panels into a bike commuter path to generate power to be funneled into the national energy grid.  The crystalline silicone solar cells are encased in two layers of tempered safety glass, mounted in a concrete housing.

Solar Bikepath of Netherland, first in the world, being installed in Nov. of 2014 (credit:

Solar Bikepath of Netherland, first in the world, being installed in Nov. of 2014 (credit:

According to SolaRoad, it’s been a challenge to produce energy-producing slabs that are both durable and rideable by thousands of cyclists per day. “It has to be translucent for sunlight and repel dirt as much as possible,” the company says. “At the same time, the top layer must be skid resistant and strong enough in order to realize a safe road surface.” This $3.7 million project is a collaboration between the research group TNO and the government of North Holland. Its technical aspects may be found in Phys Org site.

Solar Bikepath of Netherland, first in the world, being installed in Nov. of 2014 (credit:

Active Solar Bike Path of Netherland, first in the world, installed in Nov. of 2014 (credit:

This 70-meter or 230 feet (over two-third of the length of an NFL football field) section solar bike path is flat instead of angled to optimally take advantage of the sun, therefore the path’s panel will produce about 70% of what similar panel might produce on a rooftop.  With approximately 87,000 miles of roadways, Netherlands’s total road surface area is much larger than that of rooftops.

This project is the first step that the local government hopes will extend to 100 meter (or 328 feet) by 2016. Now that it’s been half year into the installation of the solar bike path, it’s become clear that the solar panels are outperforming expectations, having already generated 3,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity. This is fantastic! In a space that previously generated no clean electricity, now it is functioning well and ready for further development and expansion. I have no doubt that the cost and overall efficiency of any solar roadway will continue to improve as more and more visionaries collaborate to enable such Clean Solar Renewable Dream of Solar Roadway to become a reality. Our hats off to the visionaries in Netherlands!

Another solar bike path later unveiled in the same month, but in the city of Eindhoven, Netherland, of the passive solar form, is inspired by Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”, below:


Passive Solar Bike Path (at night) of Eindhoven, Netherland, also being installed in Nov. of 2014, inspired by Van Gogh's "Starry Night" (credit:

Passive Solar Bike Path (at night) of Eindhoven, Netherland, also being installed in Nov. of 2014, inspired by Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” (credit:

(Be sure to view the whole  video below, “Visions of Public Art: by Daan Roosegaarde”….you won’t regret it….)

Of course, it is the Dutch who would embrace a challenge by innovating first, by being efficient, in being artistic while pragmatic and remaining connected to both the past and the future……look at the Solar Bike Path at night, an inspiration by Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”.

Solar Bikepath of Netherland, first in the world, being installed in Nov. of 2014 (credit:

Passive Solar Bike Path in Eindhoven, Netherland, installed in Nov. of 2014, inspired by Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” (credit:

Our future would be simply breath-takingly beautiful, if we don’t destroy our planet first…there lies the beauty of Solar Energy…for it is the answer to Energy-Pollution-Economic Prosperity-Climate Change-International Conflicts. SO, LET’S USE IT !

As long as we’re on the subject of solar roadway, let me remind you of the Indiegogo campaign here at for Scott & Julie Brusaw of Idaho, asking for $1 million but ended up raising more than $2.2 million for their Solar Roadway R & D project. Yes, it is exciting to live in a world where dreamers and visionaries are in many places!

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10 October

NUNA7(Netherlands) Is The First To Arrive At Finish Point of World Solar Challenge 2013


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Nuon Solar Team celebrating their NUNA7 (Delft University of Netherlands) being in the First Place of World Solar Challenge 2013 in their “Victoria Square Fountain Substitute” at Hindmarsh Square of Adelaide, Australia (credit: sunisthefuture-Susan Sun Nunamaker)

It’s great to see that even the cloudy day such as today would not dampen the enthusiasm of Solar Enthusiasts. Upon arriving at Hindmarsh Square of Adelaide, Australia, we are greeted by the Bridgestone Mascot entertaining youngsters among the crowd. There are even bikes made available by the Adelaide City Council for general public for free rides

Free bike rental made available by Adelaide City Council for Oct. 10, 2013 (credit: sunisthefuture-Susan Sun Nunamaker)

today (Oct. 10, 2013).  What tickled me the most is the Victoria Square Fountain Substitute,

Victoria Square Fountain Substitute, conjured up by the brilliant Nuon Solar Team (students who are taught to think outside of the box) (credit: sunisthefuture-Susan Sun Nunamaker)

conjured up by Nuon Solar Team students…there is nothing that would be able to stop these students (quite capable of thinking outside of the box) from celebrating their timeless ritual of jumping into the Victoria Square Fountain. Below is the  interview with Professor Wubbo Ockels and member Maarten Frijling of Nuon Solar Team of Delft Unviersity of Technology (Netherlands) after arrival of NUNA7 at the Hindmarsh Square at Adelaide, Australia (filmed by Michael Nunamaker and uploaded by Susan Sun Nunamaker):


The Timeless Ritual of Victoria Square Fountain Celebration at World Solar Challenge by the Nuon Solar Team, after NUNA7 arrived First at Hindmarsh Square in Adelaide, Australia (credit: sunisthefuture-Susan Sun Nunamaker)

There is nothing as infectious as their exuberant laughter and hopping into the Victoria Square Fountain in celebrating a successful project beautifully executed.

Professor Wubbo Ockels carefully places flag of Netherlands on top of NUNA7 (credit: sunisthefuture-Susan Sun Nunamaker)

Every One (including the champaign) waits for the driver to ascend out of the NUNA7 so the celebration may officially begin at World Solar Challenge 2013 (credit: sunisthefuture-Susan Sun Nunamaker)













Below is the Official Announcement from World Solar Challenge 2013: FLYING DUTCH SHINE THROUGH THE CLOUDS CONTEST FOR SECOND  The Nuon team from Delft University, the flying Dutch in the Netherlands claimed their title back today in the Challenger class as they crossed the finish of timing line first in the 2013 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge at 10.03 Darwin time. They took 33.05 hours to drive their car, Nuna 7, 3021 kilometres on solar power averaging a speed of 90.71 kilometres per hour.  The jubilant team and support crew celebrated briefly in Angle Vale as their time was recorded before driving to the Official Finish Line in Adelaide’s Hindmarsh Square. Champagne flowed as team did not let the lack of a fountain stop them from the traditional dunking synonymous with the finish line. They’d organised their own wading pool to ensure the tradition continued.  It was a close fought battle until the last 50 kilometres. The gallant team Tokai from Japan gave it all they had. The two teams shared the final checkpoint in Port Augusta just minutes apart. But as the rain came down and the clouds rolled in it became clear the Japanese team in their solar car Tokai Challenger were not going to be able to close the gap. There was drama for Team Tokai who were forced to stop and recharge. They were able to travel slowly into Angle Vale at 1.22 pm Darwin time in a time of 36.37 hours with an average speed of 82.43 kilometres per hour. Team Tokai were not able to proceed to the Official Finish line as they did not have enough solar power to travel at a safe speed in traffic. The question is now whether Team Twente from the Netherlands can reach the finish of timing and continue on to Hindmarsh Square.  Stanford from the US is currently in 4th, Belgium’s Punch Powertrain is in 5th position, followed by Solar Energy Racers who are now south of Port Augusta. Australia’s team Arrow are in 7th position and are expected to cross the finish line around midday tomorrow. Onda Solare from Italy and Blue Sky Solar from Canada are also in top ten position and still proceeding on solar power.  Closing the gap on the Challengers, are the Cruiser Class who left Coober Pedy this morning. Australia’s UNSW Sunswift solar sports car eVe, is now just 50 kilometres behind Team Arrow, followed by the Hochschule Bochum team from Germany and Team Eindhoven from the Netherlands. All Cruisers are expected into Adelaide tomorrow, judging will occur over the weekend.  In the Adventure Class, the Aurora team from Australia continue to dominate closing on many Challenger solar cars. The stage is set for more dramas tomorrow on the final leg to Adelaide. Provisional times & updates will be available following close of day five, 5pm Darwin time.

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