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20 March

There Is Plenty of Sunshine For All of Us!


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My concerned friends/readers from Midwest (MI and IL) and Canada, I can assure you that there will be plenty of sunshine for you to also become involved with solar energy projects!  The sunlight that our solar system is exposed to could either be direct (unobstructed by clouds) or diffused (filtered either by clouds or atmosphere).  Although the amount  of diffused sunlight (caused by cloud) would increase as we head northward, solar technology can use either form (direct or diffused) of sunlight to produce electricity by using a well-designed PV (photovoltaic) system.  As a matter of fact, besides geographical location, seasons, elevation, and angle of the sun can also affect the usable amount of solar energy.  To increase the amount of energy produced, solar tracker (either 1-axis/single axis or 2-axis/dual axis) devices are introduced to orient various payloads (such as PV panels, reflectors, collectors, lenses, etc.) toward the sun.  Typically, a 1-axis or single axis tracker has one degree of freedom and changes its orientation throughout the day, while a 2-axis or dual axis  tracker have two degrees of freedom that would change its orientation throughout the day and from season to season.

Azimuth-Altitude Dual Axis Tracker – 2 axis solar tracker, Toledo, Spain

A backyard installation of passive single–axis trackers, DC rated at 2340 watts. Seen here in winter midday position, tilted toward the south. The tall poles allow walk-under and use of the ground space underneath the panels for plantings that thrive on protection from the intense midday summer sun at this location












At this point, I want to share with you a really cool looking house, the Gemini House/Gemini Haus, that rotates in its entirety and the solar panels rotate independently, allowing control of the natural heating from the sun.  What a great way to ensure that the sun always shine on your photovoltaic array!  Gemini House (or Gemini Haus) was designed by Roland Mosl, to combine innovative solar technology and an eye-catching aesthetic.  It was the first energy plus house (self-sufficient, and sometimes more) in Austria.

Gemini House/Gemini Haus rotates in its entirety and the solar panels rotate                     independently, allowing control of the natural heating from the sun. The inventor stands in the middle of the group

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