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29 July

Bravo! IKEA, in Being Florida’s Largest Non-Utility Solar Owner!


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Some wonderful solar news closer to home, in Florida: the Swedish company and the world’s largest furniture retailer, IKEA, had completed the installation of South Florida’s largest solar array in June of this year. This solar array will be atop the future Miami-Dade IKEA store opening this summer in Sweetwater, FL. Combined with rooftop arrays in Orlando, Tampa, and Sunrise, this fourth solar project will keep IKEA as Florida’s largest non-utility solar owner.  The 416,000 square-feet future IKEA Miami, with 1,500 parking spaces, is being built on 14.6 acres adjacent to the Dolphin Mall, at the intersection of the Dolphin Expressway (SR 836) and Florida’s turnpike, in the city of Sweetwater, FL.

The 178,000 square foot solar array at Sweetwater consists of a 1,178 kW system, built with 4,620 panels, and will produce about 1,738,876 kWh of electricity annually for the store,  equivalent to reducing 1,227 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2)-equal to the emissions of 256 cars or providing electricity for 169 homes annually (calculation for clean energy equivalents).  IKEA contracted with REC Solar (a national leader in solar electric system design with installations of more than 350 systems across U.S.). Let’s take a look at the video about IKEA’s Clean Energy/Solar Installations, below:

This installation will represent the 40th solar project for IKEA in the U.S., contributing to the IKEA solar presence atop nearly 92% (35 out of 38) of its locations in U.S. and a total generation of 38 MW (translating to powering 90,000 homes). IKEA owns and operates these solar PV systems, rather than through solar lease or PPA (power purchase agreement), and has allocated $1.8 billion to invest in renewable energy through 2015 globally.  This investment demonstrates IKEA’s long term commitment to sustainability and confidence in PV technology and industry.  Due to IKEA’s goal of becoming completely energy independent by 2020 (“We want to get to 70% by 2015, and by 2020, we actually want to produce more energy from renewable sources than we/IKEA consume in the total operation“, commented the President of IKEA USA, Mike Ward), IKEA has installed more than 550,000 solar panels on buildings across the world and owns/operated about 157 wind turbines in Europe and Canada, with 49 more being build in the U.S.

IKEA evaluates locations regularly for conservation opportunities, integrates innovative materials into product design, works to maintain sustainable resources, and flat-packs goods for efficient distribution. Specific U.S. sustainable efforts include: recycling waste material;incorporating energy-efficient HVAC and lighting systems, recycled construction materials, skylights in warehouse areas, and water-conserving restrooms.  IKEA has also eliminated plastic bags from the check-out process, phased out the sale of incandescent bulbs, facilitates recycling of customers’ compact fluorescent bulbs, and by 2016 will sell only LED.  IKEA has also installed EV charging stations at 13 stores, with plans for more locations in the future.

Besides helping to improve our environment, these conservation efforts and  solar investments have enabled IKEA to spend less on energy. This would also mean lower cost and lower prices that will be passed down to consumers. IKEA’s Swedish heritage and respect of nature is not only good for the environment, but also great for business. Bravo! IKEA! We hope more businesses will try to emulate what IKEA has done.

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23 March

Solar/Renewable Future For Sunshine State of Florida


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As the news of more solar installations sweep across the planet earth, our Sunshine State of Florida is still lagging behind other developed countries and other states in USA, being one of the thirteen states (by 2012) that does not yet have either RPS (Renewable Portfolio Standards) standards or goals. It is a pity that residents in Florida are not provided with optimal incentives to fully utilize our beautiful sunshine.

As our legislative body is in session at Tallahassee, Florida, until early part of May, 2013, we hope that our Florida Senators and Representatives will consider fully some of the General Solar Talking Points that’s been gathered by the FlaSEIA (Florida Solar Energy Industries Association), below:


  • America’s Solar Industry now employs more than 119,000 workers at 5,600 companies across the nation (most of which are small businesses)
  • The solar industry grew 13.2% over the last year despite difficult economic times, this is 6 times faster than the overall economy growth rate of 2.3%
  • Solar employment is expected to grow by 17.2% over the next 12 months indicating a potential of 20,000 new workers
  • Installers added the most solar workers over the past year, more than offsetting declines in manufacturing
  • Solar industry employment has grown by 27% to a figure that outstrips the 91,611 U.S. coal miners


  • 38 states and/or U.S. territories have some form of renewable portfolio standard, goals, or incentives as part of their energy plan
  • Some of the largest corporations and retailers in the world are utilizing solar energy in order to help reduce operating costs and increase profits (Wal-Mart, Macy’s, IKEA, Costco, Dow Jones and more)
  • Florida imports all of the fossil fuels we use to produce electricity, which means we send more than $15 billion out of state every year to buy natural gas and coal
  • Florida Solar means Florida jobs and a thriving economy. This applies to various industries including construction and roofing, manufacturing, engineering, architecture, education, banking and more


  • approximately 9 out of 10 voters (92%) believe it is important for the U.S. to develop and use solar power
  • 85% of U.S. voters and 87% of swing voters support solar over all other energy sources.
  • 78% of voters are eager to see government support solar through financial incentives
  • 94% of democrats, 89% of independents, and 75% of Republicans support the use of solar
  • 86% of voters said they want leadership on moving from coal and nuclear energy to wind and solar (72% of Republicans, 83% of independents, and 97% of Democrats)


  • If Florida does not create a market demand for PV soon, we will only be trading our imported fossil fuels for imported solar electric panels.
  • Florida will miss out on revenue and economic activity occurring from new jobs and the opportunity to export Florida made solar panels and products
  • Florida will continue to trail other states that are aggressively pursuing solar energy until elected officials with vision and political capital convince others that the state should be a leader in this field


  • Enough sunlight hits the Earth’s surface in one hour to power the world for an entire year

FlaSEIA: 2555 Porter Lake Drive, Suite 106, Sarasota, FL  34240, Phone: (800) 426-5899, FAX: (941)366-7433,,

Gathered and posted by sunisthefuture-Susan Sun Nunamaker

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