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25 July

The Ever Expanding Gehrlicher Solar


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With the ever-expanding solar industry, one finds more and more internationally operated photovoltaic company such as Gehrlicher Solar, a company from Germany, with subsidiaries and joint ventures on four continents (including France, India, Spain, South Africa, and Romania). Gehrlicher Solar, one of the most experienced photovoltaic companies in Europe,  is founded in 1994, that develops, plans, builds, finances, and operates solar power plants for ground mounting and for roofs, from private houses to multi-megawatt systems. Gehrlicher Solar also plans, sets up, and manages profit-oriented photovoltaic funds and private placements for private and institutional investors. As the solar industry evolves from solely-Save Our Planet Solution into multi-billion dollar with long-term profitability industry, services provided by Gehrlicher Solar becomes more and more relevant every day.

Gehrlicher Solar was acquired by the M + W Group last year and has leveraged the parent company’s financial strength and global reach and built on its already solid reputation as one of the foremost engineering, procurement, construction, operations, and maintenance (EPC O&M) firms in the commercial and utility scale solar market. In 2013, Gehrlicher/M+W more than doubled its annual project installation rate to 82 MW and continued  with a robust growth trajectory in the U.S. and Latin America. Gehrlicher/M+W is expanding its capabilities, leading in the integration of energy storage, hybrid power generation, and grid stabilization solutions. Below is an interview with the Sr. Director of Marketing David Hague of Gehrlicher Solar during InterSolar North America 2014, on July 9, 2014, overlooking Yerba Buena Gardens:


Director Hague discusses various emerging market opportunities within the solar industry: from  PV + storage technology, control technology stabilizing the grid, to the fact that solar is now cost competitive with the coal (cheapest fossil fuels technology), and the fact that solar is a much easier generating-asset to permit and build than any other generating asset. Solar is very reliable and secure asset.

For further inquiry regarding planning a photovoltaic system or searching for potential partnership with Gehrlicher Solar, please contact:

Gehrlicher Solar Services GmbH
Feldkirchener Str. 2
85540 Haar

T +49 89 420792-100
F +49 89 420792-110

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1 January

May JCESR (DOE’s Batteries and Energy Storage Hub) Lead U.S. To The Forefront of Battery Storage Technology


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Remember the three most difficult triad I’ve mentioned (back in the Dec. 1, 2012 post) historically associated with being the barrier to prevalent implementation of solar energy is: cost, efficiency, and battery storage.  This post will complete our third element of the triad, demonstrating our hopeful future in battery storage technology.

In December of 2012, the Secretary Stephen Chu of U.S. Department of Energy announced the creation of a research center focusing on  battery and energy storage technology.   U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded up to $120 million over five years to a multi-partner team led by Argonne National Laboratory

Aerial view of the Argonne National Laboratory (Credit; Argonne National Laboratory)

to establish a new batteries and energy-storage hub, also known as the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research (JCESR), will combine the research and development of:

  1. five DOE national laboratories (Argonne National LaboratoryLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories, and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory)
  2. five universities (Northwestern University, University of Illinois-Chicago, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Chicago, and University of Michigan)
  3. four private firms (Johnson Controls, Dow Chemical Company, Applied Materials and Clean Energy Trust)

JCESR is a major research partnership that integrates academic, government, and industrial researchers from many disciplines to overcome critical scientific and technical barriers and create new energy  storage technology. This JCESR Consortium

JCESR conference in Chicago in December of 2012

is aiming to make U.S. a battery powerhouse, with an ambitious  5-year goal of developing batteries that will be 5-times more powerful and 5-times less expensive than the current battery technology.  Below, is a video clip of  the press conference at Chicago regarding JCESR:

“This is a partnership between world leading scientists and world leading companies, committed to ensuring that the advanced battery technologies the world needs will be invented and built right here in America,” said Secretary Chu.  “Based on the tremendous advances that have been made in the past few years, there are very good reasons to believe that advanced battery technologies can and will play an increasingly valuable role in strengthening America’s energy and economic security by reducing our oil dependence, upgrading our aging power grid, and allowing us to take greater advantage of intermittent energy sources like wind and solar.”

Hear! Hear !  Secretary Chu!  We look forward to the day when battery storage will no longer be a barrier but a promoter of prevalent implementation of solar energy!  We hope Secretary Chu’s vision will enable the creation of a single-home, blackout immune solar power solution, which is only possible if storage technology improves, allowing a small solar grid to hang on to generated electricity in cases of disconnection from the traditional electrical grid.

Much is happening in the Solar World this year! Keep checking back for more exciting updates, fellow solar enthusiasts!

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