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30 January

Addendum to Solar Education-One Laptop Per Child (OLPC)’s New XO 3.0 tablet


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To answer some of your questions regarding OLPC (One Laptop Per Child): why give a laptop/education to a child who may have no electricity or even running water?

The answer is: you don’t stop education until all other challenges are solved.  It is important to educate while trying to solve all the problems because education is the foundation of all the solutions.  That is why XO is designed to withstand rugged conditions, at low cost, low power (and can be charged with solar power), connected (so kids can access internet, share files with others, collaborate on projects).  The XO has a screen that would allow users to read in direct sunlight (because many children using XO may be attending schools outdoors), built-in webcam for pictures and video clips,  many education focused software, and many other features.  Ultimately, the XO’s lead to engaged and inspired young students who want to learn, go to schools,  to draw/write/do new things/solve new problems.  One day, these young students may even help us to solve our problems/challenges. So, that is why those of us who believe in OLPC also believe in Give A Laptop Per Child = Change the World.

One Laptop Per Child at Kagugu Primary School at Kigali, Rwanda, Sep., 2009 (prior to XO 3.0) seen in Jan. 28, 2012 post of

I would like to share this video clip below (there are actually 2 parts to it):

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