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18 July

Stage 2 & Stage 3 Results of American Solar Challenge 2012


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Here are the Stage 2 (July 15-16, 2012: Erie, PA to Mansfield, OH and Mansfield, OH to Ann Arbor, MI) and Stage 3 (July 17-18, 2012: Ann Arbor, MI to Kalamazoo, MI and Kalamazoo, MI to Normal, IL) Results of American Solar Challenge (ASC) 2012, below:

ASC2012 Stage 2 Results: University of Michigan-First;University of Minnesota-Second;Principia College-Third

Team # and Name Erie Start 7/15 Mansfield Arrival 7/15 Ann Arbor Finish 7/16 Penalty Time Stage 2 Elapsed Time
2 – Michigan 09:00:00 14:20:38 11:31:55 00:01:00 10:32:55
35 – Minnesota 09:02:00 16:01:45 14:23:16 00:02:00 13:25:16
32 – Principia 09:04:00 16:38:10 15:22:48 00:00:00 14:22:48
254 – CalSol 09:02:00 16:47:14 16:31:19 00:01:00 15:32:19
9 – Iowa State 09:01:00 16:03:25 00:00:00 16:03:25
256 – Oregon State 09:07:00 16:55:27 00:12:00 17:07:27
5 – Illinois State 09:08:00 Trailer 05:57:36 23:57:36
28 – New Paltz 09:10:00 Trailer 12:48:12 30:48:12
55 – Montreal 09:09:00 Trailer 14:25:12 32:25:12
20 – Western Michigan 09:03:00 Trailer 17:54:12 35:54:12
4 – MIT 09:05:00 Trailer 29:10:06 47:10:06

Last updated 7/16/12 – 23:50 Eastern. Times given as hh:mm:ss.

ASC2012 Stage 3 Results:  University of Michigan-First;Iowa State University-Second;Principia College-Third  

Team # and Name Ann Arbor Start 7/17 Kalamazoo Arrival 7/17 Normal Finish 7/18 Penalty Time Stage 3 Elapsed Time
2 – Michigan 09:00:00 13:02:09 13:14:15 00:12:00 12:26:15
9 – Iowa State 09:03:00 13:29:33 14:57:33 00:10:00 14:02:33
32 – Principia 09:02:00 14:15:17 17:57:00 00:15:00 17:12:00
254 – CalSol 09:04:00 15:08:08 17:02:08 00:02:00 16:04:08
256 – Oregon State 09:05:00 14:30:12 17:18:44 00:12:00 16:30:44
35 – Minnesota 09:01:00 13:35:20 Trailer 04:01:03 22:01:03
5 – Illinois State 09:06:00 Trailer 11:33:27 29:33:27
28 – New Paltz 09:07:00 Trailer 12:12:09 30:12:09
20 – Western Michigan 09:06:00 14:26:34 Trailer 06:18:45 24:18:45
55 – Montreal 09:05:00 Trailer 10:46:39 28:46:39
4 – MIT 09:09:00 14:22:40 Trailer 11:35:33 29:35:33

Last updated 7/18/12 – 23:40 Central. Times given as hh:mm:ss.

Next stage, Stage 4, will start on July 19-20, 2012: Normal, IL to Verona, WI and Verona, WI to La Crosse, WI

  • Stage Start on July 19th at Illinois State University, 210 N School St (Parking Lot F67), Normal, IL 61761
  • Checkpoint on July 19th at Reddan Soccer Park, 6874 Cross Country Road , Verona, WI 53593. Checkpoint opens at 11am and closes at 5:45pm.
  • Stage Stop on July 20th at Western Technical College, 750 Badger St (Parking Lot D), La Crosse, WI 54601

Final stage, Stage 5, will start on July 21, 2012: La Crosse, WI to St. Paul, MN

  • Stage Start on July 21st at Western Technical College, 750 Badger St (Parking Lot D), La Crosse, WI 54601
  • Finish on July 21st at Minnesota State Capitol, MLK Boulevard, St. Paul, MN 55155.Finish line closes at 4pm.


*Some of the interviews with various American Solar Challenge 2012 teams have already been loaded up to sunisthefuture channelsusansunnunamaker’s channel at Youtube (and more will be uploaded as the week continues), so  be sure to check them out!

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9 July

Here Comes The American Solar Challenge (Solar Car Race) 2012!


Dear Solar Enthusiasts,

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Remember our coverage on Veolia World Solar Challenge of 2011 between Darwin and Adelaide, Australia? Here, in North America, we will have our very own solar car race soon, the American Solar Challenge, from July 14-21, 2012. The event will take student teams and their solar cars from Rochester, NY, to St. Paul, MN. This is a competition for student teams to design, build, and drive solar-powered cars that will race through 1,650 mile course through multiple cities (in NY-PA-OH-MI-IL-WI-MN) across the United States. All teams (18 teams have registered and 16 teams are planning to compete in both Formula Sun Grand Prix-July 10-12, 2012 and the American Solar Challenge-July 14-21, 2012) have to go through three days (July 7-9, 2012) of careful scrutineering process in Monticello, NY, at the Monticello Raceway, where each and every solar car is inspected from electrical and mechanical engineering adherence (such as body and sizing) to safety regulations and dynamic testing (consisting of a slalom course followed by a breaking test where each driver must demonstrate that he/she can come to a complete and controlled stop, under wet driving conditions, within a time limit) before the solar car will be allowed to enter the track.  This is a very friendly competition, so occasionally some teams are given additional shot at the braking qualifier. The purpose and emphasis of the scrutineering process is in safety and adherence to regulation.  Then Scrutineering will be followed by three days of track racing, the Formula Sun Grand Prix portion of the event. On July 13, 2012, solar car teams will travel to Rochester, NY, to be displayed and to prepare for the start of the cross-country rally, The American Solar Challenge. On July 14, solar car teams will leave on the start of the race at 9:00AM at one minute interval.

Day I       (July 14, 2012): Rochester, NY———>Erie, PA

Day II     (July 15, 2012): Erie, PA—————–>Mansfield, OH

Day III   (July 16, 2012):Mansfield, OH———->Ann Arbor, MI

Day IV    (July 17, 2012):Ann Arbor, MI——–>Kalamazoo, MI

Day V      (July 18, 2012): Kalamazoo, MI——–>Normal, IL

Day VI    (July 19, 2012): Normal, IL————->Verona, WI

Day VII  (July 20, 2012): Verona, WI————>LaCrosse, WI

Day VIII (July 21, 2012): LaCrosse, WI———->St. Paul, MN

The American Solar Challenge race will finish at the Capitol Building of St. Paul, MN, on July 21, 2012.

Below, please allow me to share a clip of ASC 2012 (American Solar Challenge 2012):

Take a look at the team photos of this year’s American Solar Challenge solar race teams (University of MI, University of KY, MIT, IL State University, IA State University, Northwestern University,  MI State University, Western MI University, State University of NY-New Paltz, Principia College, University of MN, Georgia Institute of Technology, Polytechnique Montreal, University of CA-Berkeley, OR State University, University of NM) .  So far,  we’ve received reporting of Missouri University of Science and Technology Solar Car Team has withdrawn from the 2012 American Solar Challenge due to insufficient time in completing the vehicle before the race starts (July 14, 2012) in Rochester, NY. “The team, which consists of a large percentage of new student members, was overwhelmed by the magnitude of the project and thus the design and fabrication took longer than anticipated,” says Dr. Roger A. LaBoube, director of S&T’s Student Design and Experiential Learning Center. “I’m sure our team will take what we learned during this process in preparation for the next big race.” It is true that experience really matters and we wish Missouri University of Science and Technology Solar Car Team the best next time. Let this also be a lesson for all potential future entering teams: please allot a great deal of safety factor in terms of preparation time because these are complicated designs and it will always take more time than one anticipates.

Here are some links/video clips that may be of interest to you: American Solar Challenge 2012 official site,  past American Solar Challenge 2010, Veolia World Solar Challenge 2011, below:

More coverage of the Formula Sun Grand Prix (FSGP) 2012-July 10-12, 2012 and American Solar Challenge (ASC) 2012-July 14-21, 2012 will unfold in future posts.  Until then, I wish all of these teams…..

~bright and sunny days during the complete course of the race~

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