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14 August

“Special Moments of American Solar Challenge 2012 (1 of 2)” produced by


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It is with both pleasure and excitement that I’d like to unveil the video of today, “Special Moments of American Solar Challenge 2012 (1 of 2) posted under August 14, 2012 and (2 of 2) will be posted under August 15, 2012) “, for this is the first time for me  to use movie/video editing software.  I’ve learned that one needs to be relentless in cutting footage and meticulous in tapering the music at the beginning and ending of each segment.  I’ve even explored many sites online  for royalty free music and discovered that  background music makes tremendous difference in the final product. There is definitely still much more to be learned.  After spending much time editing  various footage, synchronizing and fading in or fading out of the music, and overcoming  frustration in having to deal with instability with certain movie making software, I’ve moved on to Adobe Premier Pro (much more reliable and time-saving).  But for the moment, take a look at this clip below and compare it to the twenty-six videos already uploaded at sunisthefuture Youtube Channel (footages prior to yours truly’s attempt at compositing and adding  of music) and either leave a comment below or email me at to let me know of your preference or suggestions.  In the “Special Moments of American Solar Challenge 2012”, I selected only the most memorable moments (such as University of Michigan’s hydroplaning experience, Oregon State University’s picking up a cat and named it Tesla, Illinois State University’s encountering Ohio state police and receiving donuts in exchange for wearing hats, Principia College’s breaking their own record on speed of repair work, etc.) that occurred during this solar car race;those of you who were interviewed may still be able to find the uncut and uncomposited versions at sunisthefuture Youtube Channel.  Please be very forgiving of my first time working with Adobe Premier Pro.  Nevertheless, I am  pleased with the fact that I can actually refer to myself as a producer, for the first time, in sharing these special moments of energized solar enthusiasts…driven by the magical dust of  sunshine.  I would also like to thank my hubby Michael Nunamaker for being very helpful in playing the part of  a camera man and technical support whenever I needed an extra hand.  Of course, this short film would not have been possible without all of those who sponsored and participated in American Solar Challenge 2012 (July 14, 2012-July 21, 2012).   I look forward to producing more films for solar energy events in the future.  Finally, due to the fact that I was learning to use 4-5 different pieces of software these past few days, I had to delay posting quite a few articles until the coming week. Keep checking because there will be quite a few new articles about various aspects of progress made in solar energy industry.  Without further ado, “Special Moments of American Solar Challenge 2012 (1 of 2)”, below, and “Special Moments of American Solar Challenge 2012 (2 of 2) will soon follow (will be posted on August 15, 2012 at

This is a composite of most special moments of American Solar Challenge (ASC) 2012, filmed near the finish line, the Capitol Building of St. Paul, MN., on July 21, 2012.  Footage are filmed mostly by Michael Nunamaker (segment on driver Larry Chan of University of MN is filmed by Susan Sun Nunamaker), interviewed, edited, and uploaded by Susan Sun Nunamaker of Sun Is The Future at of Susan Sun Nunamaker. This is a project out of appreciation and belief in solar energy as the most promising CLEAN energy for the future of earthlings. We would like to share the trials, tribulations, and special moments of all participating schools (University of Michigan, Iowa State University, Western Michigan University, Principia College, MIT, CalSol/University of CA-Berkeley, University of Minnesota, Oregon State University, Illinois State University, Montreal Polytechnique, New Paltz/State Universtiy of NY, Michigan State University) students, and alumni during the American Solar Challenge (ASC) of 2012.  The film has demonstrated the enthusiasm, cooperative spirit, and perpetual optimism pervasive among those involved with solar energy/industry. This is a car race of the most special kind, running on solar energy. We look forward to many more years of covering this special race.

For your viewing pleasure, I have edited/combined 26 videos in order to complete this film. Due to the purchased royalty free music added, this particular film will be under the Standard YouTube License rather than the Creative Commons License.  I hope you will enjoy viewing it. If you’d like to get hold of the video under Creative Commons License, the original (uncomposited, without music) 26 video clips can be found at sunisthefuture YouTube Channel at:

“Special Moments of American Solar Challenge 2012 (2 of 2)” will be posted under August 15, 2012.
Again, any of your comments, questions, suggestions, concerns will be welcomed below or via

P.S. If any of you have any learning experience from working with Adobe After Effects, I’d appreciate any pointer or helpful links. Thank you.

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written, edited, and posted by sunisthefuture-Susan Sun Nunamaker,

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23 July

Stage 5 and Overall Final Result of American Solar Challenge (ASC) 2012


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Here are the results of Stage 5 and Overall Final Results of American Solar Challenge (ASC) 2012 you’ve been waiting for.  July 21, 2012, was the end of the Stage 5 and overall American Solar Challenge (ASC) 2012, right in front of the Capitol Building of St. Paul, MN.  Even though there’s been rain during the early part of the day, the sky had cleared and the sun was welcomed by all participants and supporters of American Solar Challenge (ASC) 2012 around noon.

Capitol Building at St. Paul, MN, on July 21, 2012, the finish point of American Solar Challenge (ASC) 2012

Stage 5 Results

Team # and Name LaCrosse Start 7/21 St. Paul Finish 7/21 Stage 5 Penalty Time Stage 5 Elapsed Time
35 – Minnesota 09:05:00 12:58:57 00:00:00 03:53:57
32 – Principia 09:02:00 13:31:11 00:00:00 04:29:11
254 – CalSol 09:03:00 13:28:17 00:12:00 04:37:17
9 – Iowa State 09:01:00 13:50:42 00:00:00 04:49:42
2 – Michigan 09:00:00 14:23:55 00:00:00 05:23:55
20 – Western Michigan 09:05:00 14:36:52 00:00:00 05:31:52
256 – Oregon State 09:04:00 15:21:35 00:01:00 06:18:35
5 – Illinois State 09:07:00 Trailer 05:48:54 12:48:54
55 – Montreal 09:06:00 Trailer 04:38:15 11:38:15
28 – New Paltz 09:09:00 Trailer 06:27:42 13:27:42
4 – MIT 09:11:00 Trailer 07:08:48 14:08:48

Last updated 7/21/12 – 22:00 Central. Times given as hh:mm:ss.

Univ of MN team (with their solar car & mascot) was the first to arrive at the finish line of Stage 5

These photo images are photographed by sunisthefuture-Susan Sun Nunamaker at

Images are under Creative Commons with Attribution (just mention photographed by sunisthefuture-Susan Sun Nunamaker at




Principia College, the liberal arts college of about 500 students consistently overcame all challenges




CalSol/Univ of CA-Berkeley team running to greet their solar car

Iowa State University's Hyperion returning to the finish line, with its team members running along side of it










Univ of MI, came in first from Stage 1-4, and is the winner of overall American Solar Challenge (ASC) 2012





Western Michigan University zoomed into the finish line in its golden chariot







Oregon State University solar car, escorted by its enthusiastic team members





Illinois State University completing the race, cheered on by supporters. This is also the team that was stopped by OH state trooper along their journey.





Montreal Polytechnique Esteban arriving, with its fluttering flag above







SUNY's New Paltz, a 2nd year participant, learned a great deal and appreciated support from other teams









MIT's Chopper Del Sol encountered a moderate crash on second day, but team members repaired parts and persevered to the end











We will continue to upload our photos & video interviews onto: sunisthefuture channel at Youtubesusansunnunamaker’s channel at Youtube in the coming week, sharing much lessons learned and stories experienced.








Overall Final Results

Team # and Name Stage 1 Time Stage 2 Time Stage 3 Time Stage 4 Time Stage 5 Time Total Elapsed Time Miles Credited
2 – Michigan 04:13:29 10:32:55 12:26:15 11:59:47 05:23:55 44:36:21 1652.80
9 – Iowa State 04:22:34 16:03:25 14:02:33 15:36:49 04:49:42 54:55:03 1652.80
32 – Principia 05:26:59 14:22:48 17:12:00 14:18:31 04:29:11 55:49:29 1652.80
254 – CalSol 05:34:35 15:32:19 16:04:08 15:33:46 04:37:17 57:22:05 1652.80
35 – Minnesota 04:32:09 13:25:16 22:01:03 17:00:52 03:53:57 60:53:17 1572.45
256 – Oregon State 5:56:04 17:07:27 16:30:44 31:11:09 06:18:35 77:03:59 1390.05
5 – Illinois State 06:12:05 23:57:36 29:33:27 29:54:57 12:48:54 102:26:59 911.80
20 – Western Michigan 05:10:14 35:54:12 24:18:45 32:07:57 5:31:52 103:03:00 886.80
55 – Montreal 07:21:18 32:25:12 28:46:39 28:58:57 11:38:15 109:10:21 829.35
28 – New Paltz 08:54:39 30:48:12 28:03:03 35:25:57 13:27:42 116:39:33 727.70
4 – MIT 05:27:05 47:10:06 39:49:33 16:00:52 14:08:48 122:36:24 854.65

Last updated 7/21/12 – 23:37 Central. Times given as hh:mm:ss.

~have a bright and sunny day~

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