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29 July

Shaded Carports, Patios, & Greenhouse Roofs of Grid Parity


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(Please click on red links & note magenta) patio shading (credit: GridParity) patio shading (credit: GridParity)

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Above, you’ve seen Dr. Erich Merkle introducing Grid Parity products at the Intersolar North America 2015.

Grid Parity has developed system with the use of ultra-thin (5 mm) glass-glass bifacial modules especially for the applications of carports, patio roofs, or greenhouse roofs.  These glass-glass modules are more aesthetically pleasing and with higher transparency than the conventional modules. The longevity and low maintenance are the factors that lead to extremely low levelized cost of energy ((LCOE) of this product. To find out more about this company and their products, click->GridParity.

In the rooftop module for carports, carport shading (credit: GridParity) carport shading (credit: GridParity)

the universal aluminum frame system is used with a simple but extremely stable attachment method. Without the need to drill or weld, the installation can be carried out without any technical skills or special tools. The entire structure is made of anodized corrosion resistant aluminum. The connection parts are made of a special stainless steel with a high nickel content. The number of necessary connections is optimized, with 25 screws for the small carports and 50 screws for the large carports.





In the rooftop module for greenhouse/gardening or patio, such a module system may help to control the amount of sunlight coming through in addition to being able to help generate energy. terrace shading (credit: GridParity) terrace shading (credit: GridParity)

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13 September

Lumos’ PowerPort Solar Carport-With Both Function and Aesthetics


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The treasure I’ve discovered at Solar Power International (SPI) 2012 today is from a fairly new company based in Colorado call Lumos.  It may actually be used as a carport or patio, and in some cases, even as a walkway.  With its treated cedar and pine, the whole structure presents itself with a level of warmth and comfort rarely associated with the metal-framed structure.

Below is an interview with Lumos’ latest Solarscapes product line, the PowerPort Solar Carport, a freestanding carport (which may also be used as a patio or walkway) that integrates bifacial solar panels manufactured by Sanyo into its structure. It is designed to be delivered virtually anywhere and takes only one day (12 hours) to install. The 3.42 kW structure provides not only shade and shelter, but generates enough electricity to offset a modest household’s electrical needs or the recharging of two electric vehicle.

“The PowerPort Solar Carport is an easy, attractive and functional way to maximize an investment in a solar energy system for a home or business,” comments President of Lumos, Scott Franklin. (Source: Lumos Solar)

Lumos Solar: 303-449-2394

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