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24 September

Let The SunShine In The Sunshine State !


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"Let The SunShine In The Sunshine State!" Petition Campaign Image (Requesting that the Florida legislators to consider implementing Feed-In-Tariff For Solar/Renewable Energy With Incorporation of Value of Solar/Renewable Energy (credit:sunisthefuture-Susan Sun Nunamaker)

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As a resident of Florida, I am naturally very concerned about future welfare of the state of Florida. To prevent losing portion of the state of Florida to the ocean within our life time, further development of extreme climate conditions while  helping renewable energy industries to  thrive  in Florida, the most effective policy is to implement Feed-In-Tariff For Solar/Renewable Energy With Incorporation of  Value of Solar/Renewable Energy. This policy will lead  to reduction of CO2 and our utility bills, solving energy and pollution problems while creating local jobs. For better understanding of the topic of Feed-In-Tariff policy and Value of Solar, please visit and share links below. In the state of Florida, there is plentiful Sunshine that can be put into good use. Sunshine has proven to be the least harmful source of energy and will soon be the least costly source of energy as well. Incorporating Value of Solar/Renewable Energy via Feed-In-Tariff is the most fair and effective way to utilize our solar/renewable energy.

So, please consider signing this:

and we can Let the SunShine In The Sunshine State!

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~have a bright and sunny day~

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3 March

Let’s Move Our 50 States Toward Clean Energy! The Clean, Renewable Energy Movement Is Here!


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The Solutions Project Story, (image by

Have you heard about the 50-state roadmap developed by Stanford University scientist/professor Mark Jacobson and his colleagues ? It is transforming the United States from dependence on fossil fuels, replacing coal, oil, and natural gas to 100% renewable energy by 2050, using solar, wind, and water. The plan for this roadmap was unveiled at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Chicago. This 50-state plan is posted at The Solutions Project website, a nonprofit outreach effort led by Professor Jacobson, Actor Mark Ruffalo (co-star of The Avengers), movie Director Josh Fox, etc., to raise public awareness about the necessity of our transition from fossil fuels to clean/renewable energy (solar, wind, and water). This transition would help to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to global warming and spare the lives of the estimated 59,000 Americans who die from exposure to air pollution annually. Let’s hear what Dr. Mark Z. Jacobson has to say about this, below:

Similar talks with Dr./Prof. Jacobson available at links below:

Economics of Climate Change: Mark Z. Jacobson, uploaded by The New School

Wind, Water, and Sunlight, uploaded by StanfordUniversity

QnA after Mark Z. Jacobson’s Presentation in Toronto on Oct. 15, 2012

According to Professor/Dr. Jacobson, the motivation for this 50-state plan is to address the negative impacts on climate and human health from widespread use of coal, oil, and natural gas. “Drastic problems require drastic and immediate solutions….Global warming, air pollution, and energy security are three of the most significant problems facing the world today,” commented Dr. Jacobson, a professor of civil and environmental engineering, “Our new roadmap is designed to provide each state a first step toward a renewable future.” Conversion of energy infrastructures of New York, California, and Washington states to 100% clean energy (composed of solar-wind-water power) by 2050 have been developed by Jacobson and his colleagues, with an online interactive map tailored to maximize the renewable resource potential of each of the 50 states. For example, as one hovers a cursor over region of CA on the map, one sees that CA can meet almost all of its power demands (transportation, electricity, heating, etc.) in 2050 by a clean energy portfolio composed of 55% solar, 35.5% wind (on-and offshore), 5% geothermal, and 4% hydroelectric, and 0.5% wave power. Florida, on the other hand, will be meeting its power demands by 77.9% solar, 21% wind, 1% wave device, and 0.1% hydroelectric power by 2050. Nuclear power, ethanol, and other biofuels are not included in the energy mix of any of the 50 states by 2050.

Professor Jacobson added, “The new map provides all of the basic information, such as how many wind turbines and solar panels would be needed to power each state, how much land area would be required, what would be the cost and cost savings, how many jobs would be created, and how much pollution-related mortality and global-warming emissions would be avoided.”

The goal of The Solutions Project is in combining science, business, policy,  outreaching through social media and artists and entertainers who can facilitate in circulating the information among general public, and in researching for solutions to these global challenges.

The goal of The Solutions Project  is definitely in sync with that of Sun Is The Future…spreading the information about solar energy (, helping entrepreneurs to establish small businesses in solar energy/renewable energy/energy efficiency/recycling (,  and operating online store ( Let’s join The Solutions Project and sign up to support the movement of your/our respective states’ Transition Toward Clean Energy!

~have a bright and sunny day~

Gathered, written, and posted by sunisthefuture-Susan Sun Nunamaker

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10 January

Solar Solution To Potential WWIII-We Need Your Help!


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To have the full appreciation of today’s topic, please be sure you have already viewed the post and listened to the video clip of our Jan. 4, 2013 post.

Back in July of 2012, China was mulling over the possibility of raising its 2015 photovoltaic target to over 25 GW.  With the concern over sovereignty issue (truthfully, it is an issue over oil reserves) involving Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands, need of clean energy sources, and the need to make their economic growth  less dependent on fossil fuel, in January of 2013, China is now aiming to add 10 GW (gigawatts) of installed solar power capacity and 18 GW of installed wind power capacity this year alone.  For a table of China’s renewable energy targets for 2015 and 2020, please click on Reuters.

Truly, the real solution to China’s dispute with Japan does not lie in ownership of some rocks of  uninhabited islands, but in alternative clean fuel sources such as solar and wind energy.  As I’ve repeatedly written, solar energy is: cleaner, safer, healthier, more readily available, with great sense of timing, and requires fewer moving parts (in March 4, 2011 post) than fossil fuel or oil.  If one factors into the cost of potential WWIII/nuclear war, it is no wonder the wise leaders in China would have great incentive to increase the rate of installations for solar PV and wind.

Since our initial discussion originated from the territorial row over Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands, let’s take a closer look at the cause of the problem numerically.  It is, in essence, a row over the promised potential of accessing 100 billion barrels of oil in that region. But the burning of fossil fuel/oil really would not help the already polluted air quality of either China or Japan.  So, it is a matter of energy/fuel that they are fighting over.  To have a more clear picture of the situation, please view the video clip below of Michael Klare, Five Colleges professor of peace and world security studies:

My dear friends/readers/viewers/ visitors and fellow solar enthusiasts, I would now like to challenge you all to do 3 things:

  1. Calculate what is the # of solar PV installations needed in order to generate equivalent amount of watts that can be generated from 100 billion barrels of oil. (assumptions:  A. solar energy collected over 30 year period B. each solar PV is able to collect solar energy at the rate of 5 hours per day) and email me your results.  I implore all instructors in junior high, high schools, colleges, universities (esp. those of you teaching math and science related subjects) any where on this planet earth to participate in this activity.  After such an exercise of calculations, perhaps you will start to understand why  I’ve been  impatient with the rate at which our solar industry/ installations had been growing.  Even though solar industry had been growing tremendously, it needs to be growing much faster in order to outpace the potential of wars (over oil reserves) among nations.
  2. Encourage your local schools, churches, factories, stores, Walmarts, libraries, homes, hospitals, Y’s, governments to install solar PV and to implement Feed-In-Tariff for Renewable Energy (inclusive of solar and wind).  Only when we have truly moved on to renewable energy, we have then taken away the incentive or need to fight over oil reserves/petroleum.  Any time any two countries may entangle in a battle for oil reserves/fields, there lies the detonator for potential WWIII or nuclear war.  Fellow earthlings, I believe it is in all of our interests to participate in encouraging the move toward renewable energy (esp. that of solar energy).
  3. Spread the use and viewing of and sunisthefuture Youtube Channel at to help others to realize that solar energy will be able to propel our vehicles (cars, planes, trains, or boats) and operate/run our homes.  We don’t need to fight over oil/petroleum.  We want a healthier, cleaner, and safer world through conserving and solar living!

We are in a transitional period when wise, ethical, and skillful international diplomatic politicians are desperately needed who will not only be able to negotiate the last few barrels of oil (without triggering any war), but also be able to convince our government to shift one quarter of our military budget toward research and development in energy alternatives (as suggested by Michael Klare), and cooperate with China for research and development for renewable energy in the coming century. So we will be able to carry out the most moral and patriotic American path for our future generations. So U.S. and China (users of half of earth’s energy and producers of half of the earth’s CO2 by 2030) will go down in history not as plunderers of the planet earth but rescuers of the planet earth who worked cooperatively in finding solutions to earth’s energy and pollution problems.

~may we all have a brighter and sunnier tomorrow~

Gathered, written, and posted by sunisthefuture-Susan Sun Nunamaker

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4 January

Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands Concern-Will This Lead To WWIII?


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In late December of 2012, I was rather troubled by some of the analysis and prediction by the Australian Professor Hugh White, forecasting the potential war between China and Japan in the 2013, with inevitable U.S. involvement over claims to Senkaku islands (also known as Diaoyu islands by the Chinese).  Here is the article, Professor Predicts War Between China and Japan, by Hugh White (<–please click), in Globalpost.

The Diaoyu Islands (also known as Senkaku Islands among Japanese) are a group of uninhabited islands  east of mainland China, northeast of Taiwan, west of Okinawa Island, and north of the southwestern end of the Ryukyu Islands.  They are currently controlled by Japan and both China and Taiwan claim sovereignty over the islands.  Some of you may wonder why is there such an escalating territorial row between Beijing and Tokyo over these bunch of rocks of uninhabited islands.  Well, the value of Diaoyu islands (Chinese) or Senkaku islands (Japanese) dramatically shot up and became the center of attention after an obscure 1969 United Nations report suggesting the seabed in the area could contain an oil bonanza.  Apparently this document produced from surveys conducted by an international team of experts (including scientists from China and Japan) never gave any estimate of the reserves. It seems, to me, that the mere suggestion of vast reserves that the continental shelf between Taiwan and Japan could hold a staggering 100 billion barrels of oil was enough to set off a territorial scramble.

Taiwan and Japan Coast Guard vessels during a confrontation on July 4, 2012

Below is a video clip of Cross Talk (of Russia Today) on the topic of China vs Japan Islands Dispute:

Professor White, in the Sydney Morning Herald, wrote that we are now witnessing the types of conditions that have historically led to war, despite the conflict being in no one’s interest.  He further indicated that the war would not necessarily be contained or short.  It does seem laughably unthinkable that the three richest countries of our planet (two of which are nuclear armed) would go to war over something so trivial.  But history reminds us not to confuse what starts a war with what causes it.  The escalation of tit-for-tat without a clear circuit-breaker may lead to some point when shots will be exchanged;once such spiraling to war begins, neither side will win  and it would be devastating not just for China and Japan, but for rest of the planet earth.

My fellow solar enthusiasts, I believe both you and I know where the solution lies.  It is in Solar/Renewable Energy!

Please keep your eyes on the next post in potential solution to this very critical issue.

~may we always keep our eyes on the bright solution~

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29 April

Incentive For Solar (7)-Building Integrated PV


If you are in favor of renewable/CLEAN energy, please sign the petition page showing support for FIT/CLEAN Program at Thank you.

My friends and readers, Dow Solar Shingles were not just discovered yesterday.  In the 1970’s PV (photovoltaics) applications for buildings began appearing, with aluminum-framed PV modules connected to, or mounted on buildings that were usually in remote areas without access to an electric power grid.  In the 1980’s PV module add-ons to roofs surfaced. These PV systems were usually installed on utility-grid-connected buildings in areas with centralized power stations.  In the 1990’s building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), construction products designed to be integrated into a building envelope (physical separator between the interior and exterior environments of a building) such as the roof, skylights, or facades, became commercially available. These materials are increasingly being incorporated into the construction of new buildings as a principal or ancillary source of electrical power, although existing buildings may be retrofitted with BIPV modules as well.  According to Business Wire of April 5, 2011,  “the global BIPV market will see strong growth in the coming years, with annual wholesale revenues rising from $744 million in 2010 to nearly $4 billion in 2016….”

Building-Integrated Photovoltaic modules are available in different forms: Flat roofs (a thin film solar cell integrated to a flexible polymer roofing membrane is the most widely installed flat roofs to date);Pitched roofs ( solar shingles are modules designed to look and act like regular shingles, while incorporating a flexible thin film cell and extending normal roof life by protecting insulation and membranes from ultraviolet rays and water degradation…this is accomplished through elimination of condensation because the dew point is kept above the roofing membrane.);Facades (modules are mounted on the facade of the building, over the existing structure, providing old building a new look and increase the appeal of the building and its resale value);Glazing (semitransparent modules can be used to replace elements made with glass or similar materials, such as windows and skylights.).

In some countries, additional incentives are offered for building-integrated photovoltaics in addition to the existing feed-in tariffs for stand-alone solar systems. (I promise I will go into details in explaining “feed-in-tariffs” in future posts).  Since July 2006 France offered the highest incentive for BIPV, equal to an extra premium of EUR 0.25/kWh paid in addition to the 30 Euro cents for PV systems. These incentives are offered in the form of a rate paid for electricity fed to the grid.

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European Union

Please refer to:,

  • France + EUR 0.25/kWh
  • Germany – former EUR 0,05/kWh facade bonus expired in 2009
  • Italy + EUR 0.04-0.09 kWh
  • Spain, compared with a non- building installation that receives 28,00 cent€/kWh (RD 1578/2008):
    • <= 20 KW, 34,00 cent€/kWh
    • >20 kW: 31,00cent€/kWh


Please refer to:  April 15 , April 18, April 24, of 2011 posts

  • USA – Varies by state. Check Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency for more details.


Please refer to: , ,

Further to the announcement of a subsidy program for BIPV projects in March 2009 offering RMB20/watt for BIPV systems and RMB15/watt for rooftop systems, the Chinese government recently unveiled a photovoltaic energy subsidy program “the Golden Sun Demonstration Project”. The subsidy program aims at supporting the development of photovoltaic electricity generation ventures and the commercialization of PV technology. The Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Energy Bureau have jointly announced the details of the program in July 2009. Qualified on-grid photovoltaic electricity generation projects including rooftop, BIPV, and ground mounted systems are entitled to receive a subsidy equal to 50% of the total investment of each project, including associated transmission infrastructure. Qualified off-grid independent projects in remote areas will be eligible for subsidies of up to 70% of the total investment. In mid November, China’s finance ministry has selected 294 projects projects totaling 642 megawatts that come to roughly RMB 20 billion ($3 billion) in costs for its subsidy plan to dramatically boost the country’s solar energy production.

What can I say….we need MORE  INCENTIVES  FOR  SOLAR in US if we are truly aiming for SunShot Initiative and truly aiming to lead in the renewable energy era !!

More discussions remain in future posts on incentive for solar….

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