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5 March

The Upcoming World Solar Challenge of 2011


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I simply have to share with you,

after the previous post on March 5, 2011, for

Cars of the Future-Solar Cars, some terrific moments in the history of

World Solar Challenge events at

(Read the previous post of March 5, 2011 on Cars of the Future-Solar Cars). Above is the winning car of World Solar Challenge of 1996.

and the  time and location of this year’s World Solar Challenge:

It is proposed that the dates of 11th World Solar Challenge® will be based on a start date of Sunday October 16th, 2011. This would mean that preparation facilities will be available in Darwin from Tuesday 4th October 2011, and the awards event being on Sunday 23rd of  October, 2011. The Challenge will cross the center of Austalia, stretching 3000km from Darwin to Adelaide.

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The Challenge crosses the center of Australia – stretching 3000km from Darwin to Adelaide.

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