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25 July

The Ever Expanding Gehrlicher Solar


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With the ever-expanding solar industry, one finds more and more internationally operated photovoltaic company such as Gehrlicher Solar, a company from Germany, with subsidiaries and joint ventures on four continents (including France, India, Spain, South Africa, and Romania). Gehrlicher Solar, one of the most experienced photovoltaic companies in Europe,  is founded in 1994, that develops, plans, builds, finances, and operates solar power plants for ground mounting and for roofs, from private houses to multi-megawatt systems. Gehrlicher Solar also plans, sets up, and manages profit-oriented photovoltaic funds and private placements for private and institutional investors. As the solar industry evolves from solely-Save Our Planet Solution into multi-billion dollar with long-term profitability industry, services provided by Gehrlicher Solar becomes more and more relevant every day.

Gehrlicher Solar was acquired by the M + W Group last year and has leveraged the parent company’s financial strength and global reach and built on its already solid reputation as one of the foremost engineering, procurement, construction, operations, and maintenance (EPC O&M) firms in the commercial and utility scale solar market. In 2013, Gehrlicher/M+W more than doubled its annual project installation rate to 82 MW and continued  with a robust growth trajectory in the U.S. and Latin America. Gehrlicher/M+W is expanding its capabilities, leading in the integration of energy storage, hybrid power generation, and grid stabilization solutions. Below is an interview with the Sr. Director of Marketing David Hague of Gehrlicher Solar during InterSolar North America 2014, on July 9, 2014, overlooking Yerba Buena Gardens:


Director Hague discusses various emerging market opportunities within the solar industry: from  PV + storage technology, control technology stabilizing the grid, to the fact that solar is now cost competitive with the coal (cheapest fossil fuels technology), and the fact that solar is a much easier generating-asset to permit and build than any other generating asset. Solar is very reliable and secure asset.

For further inquiry regarding planning a photovoltaic system or searching for potential partnership with Gehrlicher Solar, please contact:

Gehrlicher Solar Services GmbH
Feldkirchener Str. 2
85540 Haar

T +49 89 420792-100
F +49 89 420792-110

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31 May

How Far Will Solar Tree Be Able To Branch Out


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If you are in favor of renewable,  clean, or solar energy, please sign this petition for FIT/CLEAN Program, accessible at Thank you very much.


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As you recall our May 30, 2012 post in about the Solar Tree,  the brilliance behind this combination of art and function may be able to branch out to touch many many more earthlings in the years to come.

After my research on the subject of Solar Tree post in , I am naturally drawn to any thing that is connected to any mention of solar tree…and came across this Solar Dream/Solar Tree Foundation/Solar Tree Project:San Francisco Bay area….

It all started with a dream….A solar Dream….and  a magical enchantment found in the trees…. a simple e-mail communication between a school teacher and an artist…on opposite coasts of the US…and the SEED of  The Solar Tree Project  found a home… and germinated……nurtured by the hopes and dreams of children of North School…the support of administration,  teachers..and parents … grew…and grew…into a project with intentions to erect Solar trees all over the GLOBE!

The students of the Solar Tree Club at San Francisco Bay area school and students of Ms. Ping and Ms. Bautista’s Enrichment Program will collaborate with famous artist, and sculptor Mr. Rein Triefeldt, to erect the first ever… Solar Kinetic Sculpture Tree.  This Solar Kinetic Sculpture Tree will be erected on our school campus as the product of ongoing learning about alternative energy and conservation in class. It will stand as the first major public work of art in San Francisco Bay area community and the birth mother of many other art trees all over the world.  The Solar Tree sculpture will stand as a hopeful reminder to our community of the childrens’ hopes and dreams for a world that understands the importance of global collaboration and a commitment to a sustainable Earth.

Our dream is to see The Solar Tree Project…grow trees all over the globe. Connections for future solar tree artwork in Miami Florida, China and Japan are in the works. (Solar Tree Foundation at )

The initial spark of this dream had generated a great deal of  energy and enthusiasm for students in San Fran Bay area school.

They even formed Solar Tree Club

Cheering On Solar Tree Project

Solar Tree Sculpture

Using Legos & Kinex Toys

Students Building Solar Tree From The Ground Up


At the moment, this project is in need of sponsorship and additional cooperative effort from others in order to branch out.  So if any of you students, teachers, potential sponsors, or any one who may be interested in becoming involved with this project, please feel free to contact  Ms. Angela Ping via


Here at Sun Is The Future of , we’d like to be the catalyst for as many successful solar projects on planet earth as possible. Perhaps then, we can spread more sunshine across our planet earth.

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