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13 September

Elon Musk Agrees – Sun Is The Future


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Elon Musk, 2018 (Attribution: The Royal Society,, Presented at: &

Elon Musk talks about his plan for the sun. It’s already very normal day when Elon Musk talks about some revolutionary idea and this speech is no exception, in the video published on Sep. 12, 2021, “Elon Musk – Sun is The Future“, below:     

In order to be sustainable, we have to have sustainable means of production and consumption of energy, to drive electric cars in order to reduce CO2 emission, and to generate sustainable energy. Sustainable energy may be in the form of solar, nuclear, hydro-thermal, hydro, and wind energy. The primary form of energy to be generated will be solar. Sustainable or solar energy production combined with stationary storage, the world can be powered many times over by solar energy. About a third of our energy use is electricity, about a third of energy use is for for heating, and a third of energy use is in transport. There is enough energy from the sun to support all three areas of energy use/need. There is 1 gw per square km amount of energy coming from the sun. The earth is already almost entirely solar powered. The amount of energy needed to power our civilization is tiny compared to energy from the sun (1 gigabit per square kilometer). At 20% efficient solar panels, that’s 200 Mw per square kilometer. There would be plenty of energy for all three areas of energy use from solar, with some contribution from wind, geothermal, and tidal. And we need to stop subsidizing burning fossil fuels. For more about the use of solar energy, please visit: Sun Is The Future and Sun Is The Future youtube channel. Gathered, written, and posted by Windermere Sun-Susan Sun Nunamaker   More about the community at

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We Need Fair Value of Solar

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31 January

Elon Musk’s Focus On The Future


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Perhaps I am biased. But in my limited perception, I tend to think solar enthusiasts are also more likely to be futurists. This is a post, with two videos (one edited version of another), for all of you solar futurists out there!

I think you  already know and I  cannot say/add enough good things about Elon Musk or Tesla. This past Tuesday, Elon Musk was interviewed by New China TV in Hong Kong, where he commented that Chinese Minister of Finance mentioned Tesla favorably in a recent speech, with regard to Tesla’s effort in making its patents open sourced so that any company in China or elsewhere can utilize these patents to create electric vehicles. He further commented that Solar Energy can easily power the whole of China, the most populated country on earth (2015 population data:  China has 1,361,512,535  India has 1,251,695,584  United States has 321,368,864, etc.). Below, you will find this comment (top video) edited from the complete interview (bottom video):

This will be a terrific move for the planet earth! For if all of China and India will be converting their vehicles to electric vehicles sooner as a result of Tesla’s patents being shared, the industry charger (Tesla’s Supercharger Event) will be standardized much more quickly and the CO2 emission of the planet will be reduced at a much faster rate, slowing the rate of climate change. In this process, both China and India will have much cleaner environment. This will also translate into much cleaner planet earth.

For the complete interview where Elon Musk speaks about Tesla, sustainable energy, and Mars at the Venture Forum in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is the city where the most Tesla per capita (with the highest percentage of vehicles that is Tesla or electric vehicles any where in the world) and can function as the model for other high density cities to transform into sustainable transport future. Elon Musk further embellishes on the importance of focusing on creating products that would be loved by the customers. There are also discussions of: the future possibility in solving Beijing traffic issue via tunnel or flying cars; currently available supercharging station networks in China (such that people have driven from Beijing to Tibet in Tesla); upcoming affordable Tesla3 to be mainstream;whether rote educational format would be good for producing innovators;all new cars on the road will be autonomous within fifteen years; submmersible Tesla;pertonic ideal of a perfect car;how to supply Hong Kong with sufficient solar power;bringing human kind to Mars and enabling earthlings to become interplanetary beings and to be inspired and transcend beyond what is the current limit; anticipation of first flights to Mars by 2025; necessary high tolerance for pain if some one wants to try to build startup;brain computer interface at the neuron level (concept of brain internet). Ultimately, focusing on producing a product that is loved by consumers would help to insure the success of a startup. It’s an excellent interview that you don’t want to miss, below, enjoy:

For those of you who are entrepreneurs out there, the take-away is that: focusing on producing a product that is loved by consumers would help to insure the success of a startup.

Gathered, written, & posted by sunisthefuture-Susan Sun Nunamaker

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