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20 December

Let’s Help To Spread The Sunshine To Mwanza City in Tanzania


Dear Friends, Visitors/Viewers/Readers,

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A quick reminder for those of you who have been emailing me to request for promotion of your organization or for specific questions, your cause/organization or question is important to Sun Is The Future. But since we receive many emails  and we always  ask for permission to post photos of your particular organization, please be patient. Please mention, in your emails, that your organization gives Sun Is The Future the permission to post your particular organization’s photos for promotion.  Thanks to the existence of internet, we are now able to truly reach out to the whole planet Earth to seek cooperation and collaboration!


I have received emails from Albert Kahai of Tanzania, the Founder and Director of  Hurumia Watoto Group Organization and program manager of Sadani Education Trust Fund. Mr. Kahai is asking for earthly support of Solar Power to enable his community schools and hospitals in village to have lights and power in order to improve students’ performance and allow hospitals to function at nights.

Hurumia Watoto Organization (HWO), a small, non-governmental organization, is committed to social justice through community empowerment (credit: HWO in Mwanza City in Tanzania)

The Hurumia Watoto Group Organization (HWO) is a community-based organization, affiliated with the TANZANIA Community, for protection and organization of widows and women, health, and AIDS infection, and children. HWO is a small non-governmental organization committed to social justice through community empowerment. It was established in 2006 and became a legal entity in 2007 at a community grass roots lower level, focusing on mobilizing and strengthening communities to support the basic needs of women and children. Its program and activities are concentrated in Mwanza City, Tanzania (its headquarter at Nyakato in Ilemela District)at the moment. Some of its objectives are:

  1. Develop a resource center for information dissemination and capacity building
  2. Participate in activities aimed at improving the welfare of widows, women, young females and children in the community
  3. Promote and preserve the environment
  4. Teach and support widows, women, and young females to become self-reliant through vocational training

    One of the HWO projects, including tayloring and embroidery, sewing, and computer training in Mwanza, Tanzania (credit: HWO of Mwanza, Tanzania)

  5. Develop water resources

Some of the programs/activities HWO are carrying out:

  • Support HIV/AIDS afflicted widows, and help women, young females and their children to live healthy lives by meeting their basic needs
  • Empower women to meet their basic needs with health and medical treatment
  • Support children through education, health, and shelter
  • Facilitate positive environmental change by planting trees and green areas
  • Invite and cooperate with community groups, institutions, churches, schools, and the local government to find ways to reduce sexual harassment of widows, women, and young females, orphans, and vulnerable children
  • Organize community sustainable projects and equip youth with skills and knowledge
  • Help to improve water and sanitation conditions
  • Educate the community regarding the role of women today,  reducing sexual harassment to widows and women, and improve development o f children

If you would like to  help HWO to establish Solar Power for their community center, schools, or hospitals, please contact:

Albert Kahai

Albert Kahai, Founder and Projects Director of HWO (credit: HWO of Tanzania)

Founder and Projects Director
Phone number: +255765 433802, +255766 472333
organization email:
(HWO) Hurumia Watoto Organization Centre

Mwanza, Kenyata branch
Name of Account: Hurumia Watoto Group Centre
Account Number: 016-00001789

Hurumia Watoto Group Organization
A nonprofit community-based organization,
registered number A.50/178/2007
P.O. Box 8089, Mwanza, Tanzania
REF.NO ILE/CBO/A.50/178/2007
Our organization is located in Mwanza, Tanzania, about 12 kilometers from the Mwanza airport and we operate in Ilemela districts of Mwanza city and rural village.


Mr. Kahai is also asking for earthly support of Solar Power for various initiatives at Sadani Education Trust Fund in building schools and hospitals. Sadani Education Trust Fund (S.E.T.F) is a non-profit organization founded in April 2013, to fight against illiteracy of all forms and promote education in all levels to improve livelihood of those most in need through education & community development in Tanzania. Find out how you can help S.E.T.F. by visiting How You Can Help.


***Sun Is The Future does not benefit financially from HWO.***

For regions without the benefit of the grid, it is a no brainer that Solar Power should be the way to establish community power. So, let’s help these community schools and hospitals in acquiring their solar power so students will be able to study after sunset and hospitals may operate at nights. Let’s spread the sunshine!

Please also get into the habit of checking at these sites below for more on solar energy topics:

~have a bright and sunny day~

gathered, written, and posted by sunisthefuture-Susan Sun Nunamaker

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27 May

First Solar Loan At Kiva Was Fully Funded Within Ten Days! Hip! Hip! Hurray!!!!


Dear Readers, Friends, and Fellow Solar Enthusiasts,

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It is my greatest pleasure to inform you that the first 100% Solar business loan (for micro Solar Lighting Kits in Tanzania) at Kiva and also the biggest loan ($49525)at Kiva EVER (thusfar) became fully funded within ten days after its listing! A great round of applause for all of you (1034 lenders from all corners of the planet earth)who have participated: thank you to my friends and readers at Kiva, Facebook, Twitter, Sunisthefuture, etc. This has given us great hope for potential future solar entrepreneurs throughout the planet earth. This has clearly demonstrated to us that individuals, regardless how much each and/or any of us has in asset, we can combine our effort cooperatively across the globe to light up our planet using Sun’s Energy. We will look forward to helping more solar entrepreneurs to stand on his/her/their own two feet in spreading the sunshine across our planet earth. At this point, I’d like to share a celebratory tune by the Beatles to thank you–Here Comes The Sun, with all of you….


~have a bright and sunny day~
written & posted by sunisthefuture-Susan Sun Nunamaker,

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18 May

First Big Solar Loan At Kiva-Micro Solar Lighting Kits at Tanzania-Watu na Nuru (Light for the People)


Dear Readers,

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If you are in favor of renewable,  clean, or solar energy, please sign this petition for FIT/CLEAN Program, accessible at Thank you very much.


Dear Friends & Readers of Sun Is The Future,

Last I checked, you come from 144 countries on this planet earth.  Some of you have wanted to make donations to Sun Is The Future ( But at the moment, since its non-profit status had not yet been officially established, I would recommend that any one who wants to take part in contributing to the earthly transition/movement toward solar energy to become a lender at Kiva (it can start from as little as $25. If you are a new Kiva lender, you can take advantage of the free trial use of free $25 to join Kiva and Sunisthefuture Team at Kiva) by specifically gearing toward the largest Solar Loan EVER at Kiva: Loan 426323 from Tanzania by Martin. But keep in mind that this is not for charity but for lending to small entrepreneurs in Tanzania. Martin needs our help to complete funding this loan. Let’s give him a hand!

Many of you may have been aware of the posts I’ve written not only about solar energy, but also about Kiva, the microfinance online institution ( intended to help small entrepreneurs from all over our globe to succeed in establishing small businesses.  Therefore, it is my greatest pleasure to be given the opportunity in being a catalytic component in the marriage between the two (Kiva & Solar Energy).  I’ve become a member of Kiva for a while and even started the Sunisthefuture Team at Kiva (, but this is the first month that the biggest solar business loan ($49,525) EVER at Kiva appeared. In Tanzania, 5 out of 6 people have no access to electricity. People often rely on potentially harmful fuels to light their homes.   Martin works with Barefoot Power in Tanzania to help low income families to break their dependency on harmful, expensive, and inefficient light sources by offering them safer, cheaper, cleaner, options through solar lighting kits.  This is a loan from Tanzania for Martin to buy stock of micro-solar lighting kits from Barefoot Power.  I invite you all to take a look at what this Kiva  loan 426323 of Martin is about:

Martin works for Watu na Nuru, a Barefoot Power distributor in Tanzania. This is his story, below, in his own words:

I have been working in Tanzania with my wife for two years now, and we have been using our previous experiences to help in the development of education and business. We have left two grown-up children to their own careers in the UK. One of the first things that struck me was the limited use of solar power for a country with such a huge amount of sunshine. This was particularly noticeable coming from the UK! When we saw that people were using homemade kerosene lamps at night we felt there had to be an opportunity to make solar lights more widely available. A large part of my work for the Anglican Church was starting a wholesale business to import and distribute solar lights to micro-entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to sell them in villages. Over 80% of Tanzanians have no access to mains electricity and they use dangerous, unhealthy and costly kerosene lamps as their main source of lighting, so there is a huge market for affordable, quality micro-solar kits. Watu na Nuru, which means “Light for the People” in Swahili, is the name of a growing collection of businesses established with the support of the Anglican Church of Tanzania, with the aim of making high-quality, affordable solar lighting kits available to rural communities.

Watu na Nuru needs to have sufficient quantities of the right products at the best time of year (when farmers bring in their harvest). We need funds to ensure product is available when people are ready to buy it. When we are not selling product we provide training and technical support to retailers. We have developed a partnership with Barefoot Power Australia, who make what we believe are the best micro-solar systems on the market. My greatest challenge in this role is to get the right quantity of stock and spares to support the growing business. Your loan will support our stock so that more village entrepreneurs can sell these lighting solutions. My favourite part of this job is seeing a first order of product heading off for a distant part of the country to one of our small retailers just starting a new business.

If you should be interested in helping Martin in lighting Tanzania or helping various entrepreneurs throughout our planet earth (including USA) to become self-sufficient while spreading solar energy use, please feel free to use the free trial $25 at Kiva (remember Kiva is not a charity organization, so you will get the $25 back and can relend it to other entrepreneurs. remember Martin’s loan is 426323) by visiting:

You are also welcome to join us on the Sunisthefuture Team at Kiva !

~have a bright and sunny day~

written, gathered, and posted by sunisthefuture-Susan Sun Nunamaker,


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