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24 February

Sungazing Worked For Me !


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Good questions!  Just how do we obtain this healing power of  the sunshine?!

As a continuation of my Feb. 22, 2012 post on The Healing Power of Sunshine, I feel compelled to share some valuable information with all of you.  It was during the year that I started practicing yoga that I was also introduced/exposed to the practice of Sun Gazing.   I was informed that Sun Gazing ( looking directly at the sun, without wearing any glasses or sunglasses) should be conducted  either during the hour after the sunrise and/or the hour before the sunset, when the UV index is between zero and one (so sun gazing during this time frame would not cause harm to my eyes).  It is also recommended to me that I would start with only 15 seconds of Sun Gazing on the first day and gradually add on 10-15 seconds for each subsequent days.  Of course, I did some research before embarking on this journey of Sun Gazing and discovered that some of the masters of Sun Gazing went as far back as c.469-399 B.C., such as Socrates.  Here are some worthwhile links for any of you who is curious or interested.  I even came across a movie trailer of “Eat the Sun” to share with you:

Sungazing Creative Commons image

Allow me to share the movie trailer of “Eat The Sun” , below:

Therefore, I tried 15 sec.-1st, 30 sec.-2nd, 45 sec.-3rd, 60 sec.-4th day….within just few weeks, my vision sharpened, my head seemed more cleared (with better memory), my mood was calm (regardless what chaotic situation I may had been thrown into), my need for food also decreased while my energy level increased.  I was still not convinced…what if this is simply a random coincidence ?  So,  after weeks of Sun Gazing, I stopped…just to see and prove/disprove whether my increased level of functioning was due to Sun Gazing.  Within two-three weeks of stopping Sun Gazing,  my need for food increased…and all of my observed functioning characteristics returned (lowered) to the level of before I started Sun Gazing.  Yes, other than the days of Solar Eclipse (Sun Gazing is forbidden on these days), now I try to practice Sun Gazing either during the hour after sunrise or the hour before sunset (when the UV index is between 0-1) as often as my schedule permits. But, supposedly, after nine months of practice or when one has reached 44 minutes level of sungazing, one is either recommended to stop sungazing or to stop going beyond 44 minutes of sungazing per day (I need more clarification on this; if any of you would like to provide some input, always welcome any comments and/or suggestions.) Some people also believe that after the 44 minutes maximum sungazing is reached, one is to practice barefoot walking on bare earth for 45 minutes for 6 days as a way to be recharged periodically. If this practice of Sun Gazing (almost comparable to that of a deep meditation) was good enough for Socrates, it is good enough for me. But did Socrates also have the maximum of 44 minutes and/or recharging the body by bare foot walking on bare earth for 45 minutes for 6 days ? Again, your inputs will be appreciated.

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4 March

Why Solar?


If you are in favor of renewable/CLEAN energy, please sign the petition page showing support for FIT/CLEAN Program at Thank you.

Of all of the clean and/or renewable energy sources, my favorite is that of SOLAR . Here are the reasons:

  • It is clean! Solar energy is the cleanest renewable/alternative energy to fossil fuels (which currently pollute our air and water, harm our health, and contribute to global warming).
  • It is much safer! It is less likely to lead to negative environmental impacts such as that of hydro, nuclear, natural gas, or coal.
  • It is healthier! Sun is the source of life.  As long as one doesn’t look directly at the sun or be exposed to it for significant duration when  UV index is above the range of 0-1,  statistics had indicated that sufficient and right amount of  exposure to sun is actually beneficial for our health.   Insufficient  exposure to sunshine would contribute to higher incidence of breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, heart disease,  diabetes, multiple sclerosis,  tooth decay, and psoriasis, as indicated in the book The Healing Sun (Sunlight and Health in the 21st Century) (Hobday, 2004).   
  • It is readily available! Sun has been around for a long time and no one particular group or nation has ownership to it. Therefore, the use of solar energy will be less likely to be subjected to fluctuating raw material cost or be at risk of any war among nations due to rival for this source of energy.  Last but not least, Sun will be around for a long long long time….
  • Its sense of timing! The peak demand time for energy use usually coincides with the peak performance efficiency of sun’s energy.  Perfect!
  • There are fewer moving parts involved in solar powered systems and therefore would operate at a lower maintenance cost.

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