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31 December

Summary of Visitors of Sun Is The Future at During 2011


Dear Friends and Readers,

It’s been a terrific First Year (2011) for Sun Is The Future!  I feel truly connected to many corners of the planet earth (visitors from 125 countries and 2492 cities).  Thanks to many of you who have written/emailed me from your part of the world expressing your shared view in our future in the solar and renewable energy.

Google Analytics’ Summary:

Visitors To Sun Is The Future (at From 125 Countries and Territories During The First Year 2011


Visitors To Sun Is The Future (at From 2492 Cities During the First Year 2011

I also appreciated seeing many solar supporters during my travels/reports to Canada (visiting solar entrepreneurs in Toronto), Washington DC ( for Solar Decathlon), and Australia’s Darwin and Adelaide (for Veolia World Solar Challenge).  As I see the exponential drop in the cost of solar energy and the fact that multiple countries have started to implement effective Feed-In-Tariff on a national level after Sun Is The Future has begun, I believe that  Sun Is The Future had contributed to this  shift toward the  Solar/Renewable Energy.
Before kicking off the new year, I’d like to share with you data (prepared by WordPress) pertaining to Sun Is The Future activity in 2011, below:

For 2012 New Year Resolution, I hope to expand Sun Is The Future to include more forum discussions, more policy understandings, educational material and  more solar products and business ideas for you all.

Stay tuned in for more on solar/renewable energy at Sun Is The Future at

~have a bright and sunny day~

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