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Hello! Although I’ve worked in engineering, medicine, and education, I’ve enjoyed teaching math the most, at various universities and colleges in Illinois and Florida and sharing knowledge and experience for over twenty years (8 out of 20 years involved in online math courses). When I am not teaching (on site and/or online), you’d find me practicing yoga or qigong, reading, painting/sketching, listening to music, traveling, learning about natural medicine, and finding ways to help speeding up the process of our planet earth’s conversion to solar/renewable/clean energy.

I welcome your comments and questions:

Let’s help one another to increase our understanding of conversion to solar/renewable/clean energy.

For those of you who were curious about my training/professional experience, please feel free to click: Susan Sun Nunamaker’s Vitae (July, 2014)

Founder/Owner/President of Sun Is The Future, Susan Sun Nunamaker

Susan Sun Nunamaker started Sun Is The Future early in Jan., 2011 and is the Founder/Owner/Editor/Producer of Sun Is The Future.

Susan Sun Nunamaker’s responsibilities: research, write, edit, post, photograph, produce, interview, market & promotion.

Michael Nunamaker helped with filming of World Solar Challenge in Oct., 2011, then officially joined Sun Is The Future as the Chief Technology Officer in 2012.

Michael Nunamaker’s responsibilities: research, video-record, rendering video, IT.

~have a bright and sunny day~

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~have a bright and sunny day~
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