May There Be Plenty of Sunshine For Solar Impulse 2 To Cross The Pacific Ocean


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Solar Impulse 2 (longest solo flight between Japan and Hawaii) (credit: Solar Iimpulse)

Solar Impulse 2 will be taking the longest solo flight of all time, over the Pacific Ocean, between Nagoya, Japan and Hawaii, this weekend (credit: Solar Impulse)

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Time to update our report for Solar Impulse 2, the Solar Powered Plane: it will continue its historic around-the-world flight (that began back in March 9, 2015, from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates) this weekend with the non-stop, four- or five-day flight over the Pacific Ocean between Japan and Hawaii.  This segment of the journey will be the world’s longest solar-powered flight and the longest solo-airplane flight of all time. It will be “the moment of truth” for the Solar Impulse Team on this mission, as pilot Andre Borschberg called it. Please view the videos below, for the motivation behind the construction and flight of Solar Impulse 2 and portions of its flight on this around-the-world mission, below:





The cofounders of Solar Impulse and Solar Impulse 2, Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg, aim to raise awareness of climate change and the importance of using renewable/solar/clean energy.

“The most important thing isn’t to make world records. It is to show what we can do with clean technologies. Clean technologies can reduce CO2 emissions while stimulate economic growth.” Piccard said. “Many of these energy efficient solutions are starting to be commercialized, as they are economically attractive and have real potential to considerably reduce worldwide energy consumption.” Piccard wants to let people know that the technology in the Solar Impulse could be used in cars, houses, and other places. He wants to bring solutions rather than just talk about problems. It is Bertrand Piccard’s life mission to demonstrate to the world that “we can do incredible things with clean and solar technologies.”

Weather permitting, we shall soon see Solar Impulse 2 crossing the Pacific,  from Nagoya, Japan, to Hawaii, on this longest solo flight of all time. Despite difficult weather condition during its seventh leg from Nanjing, China to Honolulu, Hawaii, or its wing damage upon arrival in Japan, Piccard and Borschberg have overcome much obstacles and have been patient and cautious in waiting for a period of four days of good weather condition to take this longest solar powered flight coming up this weekend.

Solar Impulse 2 Flight Bt. Nagoya, Japan and Hawaii (Crossing Pacific Ocean) source: USA Today research Frank Pompa, USA Today

Solar Impulse 2 Flight Bt. Nagoya, Japan and Hawaii (Crossing Pacific Ocean) source: USA Today research Frank Pompa, USA Today

Let us wish these two visionaries, Piccard and Borschberg, and their Solar Impulse Team and family, plenty of sunshine during this upcoming journey crossing the Pacific. The whole planet will be rooting for you!
~have a bright and sunny day~

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