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Now, let’s shift our attention toward another industry, the fashion industry (also the second most polluting industry in the world), that is also participating in the transition toward a Solar/Renewable Future. As the solar  technology continues to develop, availing more thin and flexible material on the market, designers are now given opportunities to bring solar power into the fashion world.  In the videos below, I’d like to present several designers (such as Pauline van Dongen) who had integrated solar cells into clothing such that the surface areas of an individual’s clothing would be efficiently used to capture sunlight and generate energy to power one’s smartphone. There may be certain challenges that need to be resolved, such as washability of any garment and better battery life. As designers and solar manufacturers collaborate to encapsulate solar cell material for fashion designers, one may anticipate potential future solar technology/material that will surface to better suit the fashion industry. Perhaps we will also be anticipating greater care for our garments in the future. Yes, there are all types of surface areas that may be used to generate solar power: in addition to rooftops, roads, vehicles, don’t forget clothes, sails, shoes, hats, bags, jewelries, etc. We look forward to the day when these wearable solar material, repurposing clothes and various surface areas as alternative energy sources, become mainstream.

Tommy Hilfiger has launched Solar Power Jackets to charge your phone, below:

Another wearable solar charger, called Carbon, described by Sean Ebersold, in the video below:

Here is the SolarHug Bracelet: a kickstarter 2014 video of a new dimension of solar charging, below:

Let’s make good use of these surface areas! Can you think of any more surface areas that may be used ?

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