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Sonnenbatterie-Komplettsystem-aus-einer-Hand (credit: Sonnenbatterie)

Sonnenbatterie Complete System (credit: Sonnenbatterie)

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Those of us who have been following the solar industry for quite a few years/decades realize that reliable Energy Storage holds the key to Solar Energy Future. Therefore, it is not surprising that Intersolar North America 2015 placed a great deal of emphasis on the topic of Energy Storage-Battery Technology. The simple fact that the sun does not shine 24/7/365 necessitates reliable energy storage before solar energy can truly become mainstream. Important factors when choosing the energy storage system are: reliability, capacity, durability, and safety. With Tesla’s Powerwall and Powerpack being in the news much lately, I was curious about the energy storage systems being introduced by Sonnenbatterie,

Sonnenbatterie installation (credit: Sonnenbatterie)

Sonnenbatterie installation (credit: Sonnenbatterie)

a German company that has been a leader for energy storage in Europe for many years.

Sonnenbatterie Manufacturing storage system (credit: Sonnenbatterie)

Sonnenbatterie Manufacturing storage system (credit: Sonnenbatterie)

For the first time, Sonnenbatterie is entering the North American market and is the winner of  Bloomberg Pioneers Award 2015. I had the opportunity to chat with US management/CEO of Sonnenbatterie, Boris Von Bormann, about features that distinguish Sonnenbatterie’s units from Tesla’s Powerwall or Powerpack: Sonnenbatterie has a fully integrated (battery+inverter) system and can be taken apart whereas Tesla’s Powerwall or Powerpack contains only the battery system. In the age of collaboration, it would be great if Sonnenbatterie would also develop an inverter system that will work with Tesla’s battery technology. Sonnenbatterie’s system can also be integrated with the utility so to be more efficiently managed. The intelligent storage solution has a built-in smart meter

Sonnenbatterie touch display (credit: Sonnenbatterie)

Sonnenbatterie touch display (credit: Sonnenbatterie)

that enables the management of local energy production and consumption. By using a mobile app the houseowner decides whether to feed-in or directly consume the homemade electricity. Without further ado, let’s hear what Boris Von Bormann has in store for us, below:

I’d also like to share with you, another video, with Sonnenbatterie’s Christoph Ostermann, at Ecosummit 2013, below.  Sonnenbatterie is a true pioneer for Sonnenbatterie started selling their system prior to the existence of either supply or demand for the market/system. Within two years of its inception, Sonnenbatterie was able to sell 1500 systems. The growth continued, with about 8,000 systems sold in Germany by Spring of 2015 and production running at about 100-150 systems per week. At ECO13, Sonnenbatterie won the Ecosummit Award Jury Bronze medal in recognition of their outstanding business potential.

With the anticipated upcoming Solar Tsunami, it will be well worth the effort for investors and consumers in the solar energy market to keep an eye on Sonnenbatterie, for it has a fully integrated system and it can fill consumers’ order this year.

Recently, Sonnenbatterie has partnered with Outback Power to integrate their smart energy storage solutions with a trusted inverter for residential solar customers across North America. Historically, Outback Power has been a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced power electronics for renewable energy, backup power, and mobile applications. “OutBack Power’s Radian inverter/charger was a natural choice to integrate into Sonnenbatterie’s eco residential smart storage system,” said Boris von Bormann, CEO of Sonnenbatterie USA. “Working with OutBack, we are confident we can provide American home owners with the peace of mind our European customers have come to expect from Sonnenbatterie — that their home energy storage system will operate reliably in any environment and applications.” For a look of Outback Power’s Radian Series, in the video below:

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