Helios Solar Works’ BIPV at Intersolar North America 2015


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As I strolled through isles of products being exhibited at Intersolar North America 2015, one BIPV (building-integrated photovoltaics) company, Helios Solar Works caught my attention, above, with the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Helios Solar Works Steven Ostrenga.This BIPV module system is a monocrystalline, 200 watt module system that may sit on top of or be integrated into the rooftop, waterproof, with integrated frame and 25 year warrenty period. This BIPV module system is lighter, easier to maintain, less ventilation or leakage issue, and aesthetically more pleasing than the traditional rooftop PV.

Helios Solar Works-A robot works on crystalline solar cells at Wisconsin-based Helios USA, LLC. (credit: Helios Solar Works LLC)

Helios Solar Works-A robot works on crystalline solar cells at Wisconsin-based Helios USA, LLC. (credit: Helios Solar Works LLC)

As it turned out, Helios Solar Works LLC was Milwaukee’s first solar module manufacturing facility that has helped to create many local full-time and part-time jobs for the local economy. Definitely, automation has also played a significant part behind the success of Helios.The founding of the company was based around some basic tenets: such as solar electricity is essential for nation’s energy security, environment, and economy.  It is currently engaged in research, development, sales and services of solar panels and PV systems, supplying products to more than 60 countries (such as Germany, Spain, Italy, America, Canada, Korea, Japan, China, etc.) and five continents. Their products are used in residential as well as in commercial and industrial solar power systems, PV power stations and many other areas. As the company expands and reorganizes, it is now located in 632 College Drive, McDowell County, North Carolina. As companies expand globally, it becomes even more important for business leaders to appreciate the concept of economic interdependence in order to operate optimally.

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