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Just received a video that I trust all of us Solar Enthusiasts would enjoy, below, esp. from these three segments:

  1. 1. 0:48-2:05
  2. 7:50-9:10
  3. 12:25-13:40

Elon Musk concurs with our effort and interest in helping our planet Earth to transition into Solar/Renewable Energy! He is definitely our Peops!
In this next video, below, please especially note these segments where Elon Musk discusses carbon tax, battery technology, solar/renewable energy, and our sustainable future.

  1. 8:28-9:30
  2. 24:45-28:20
  3. 31:54-33:30
  4. 40:00-41:00

Our coverage on Elon Musk will continue in the next episode/post.
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