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Marshall Pitcairn, Owner of ZEAL Apartment

Marshall Pitcairn, Owner of ZEAL Apartment

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Fellow Solar Enthusiasts, one of our Central Floridians from Oviedo, FL, has taken charge in heading toward our Clean and Renewable Future by starting an Indiegogo campaign. Here is the repost from Windermere Sun, below:

Indiegogo logo

Indiegogo logo

Marshall Pitcairn, Owner of ZEAL (Zero Energy Apartment Living)

Marshall Pitcairn, Owner of ZEAL (Zero Energy Apartment Living)

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Even though I’ve mentioned this previously in our post on November meetup, I believe this is an important enough topic that I should embellish upon it: One of our meetup group members, Marshall Pitcairn, a resident of Oviedo, FL, has started his Indiegogo campaign on Friday (Nov.17, 2016) for his ZEAL Apartment LLC. It is a wonderful concept of Zero Energy Apartment Living that would help our world to transition into cleaner and renewable future much more quickly. ZEAL Apartment concept is about quality net-zero apartments as affordable as normal apartments. Marshall Pitcairn is not only being part of the green living revolution, he wants to lead the charge toward our Clean and Renewable Future! Let’s help Marshall to spread the news and heartily support this wonderfully ambitious and meaningful project (email: Marshall@zealapartments.com).

Indiegogo is the largest global crowdfunding & fundraising site online. Marshall Pitcairn is running his campaign at this location for 30 days: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/zeal-apartments-solar#/

At this point, it is best to hear from the owner of ZEAL Apartment LLC, Marshall Pitcairn himself, to tell you more about his plan and campaign, below:

Meet the owner of ZEAL, below:

Keep in mind that this Indiegogo campaign is only running for 30 days. So pitch in and tell your friends and family about it and click https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/zeal-apartments-solar#/ and take part in charging toward our Clean & Rnewable Future!

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