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21 March

Importance of Incentivizing The Correct Policy For Our Future/Ask Your Politicians To “JUST DO IT”


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From our previous post, there was the mention of Elon Musk’s talk at the Sorbonne in 2015. Since I’ve come across several other discussions referencing this talk, I think it’d be a good idea to share this talk with you all, below:

  1. Discussion of Climate Change, Carbon Cycle and the vertical climb within the last few hundred years: 5:10-15:47
  2. Need To Address Climate Change Q & A: 16:18-17:27
  3. Solar Energy As The Main Power Source : 30:50-31:40

Keep in mind that, if we wait to transition into the Renewables, the best case is postponing the inevitable transition to sustainable energy (believed by 3% of the scientists), and the worst case is more displacement and destruction than all the wars in history combined (believed by 97% of the scientists). As Elon commented, “this is the dumbest experiment in history EVER…why would you do this?!” He explains that the reason that there has been such a delay in transition into renewable/sustainable energy is because there is a hidden carbon subsidy (there is an annual $5.3 trillion subsidies for fossil fuels industry, according to IMF, International Monetary Fund) on all of the carbon emitting activities. Therefore, there is 35 gigatons of CO2 emissions per year from fossil fuels into our earth’s atmosphere,

Elon Musk's Talk at Sorbonne-Atmospheric CO2 chart readings at Mauna LOA Observatory

Elon Musk’s Talk at Sorbonne-Atmospheric CO2 chart readings at Mauna LOA Observatory

equating to not paying for garbage collections. Of course, due to the existence of such a huge subsidy, there is great amount of resistance to removing the subsidy for fossil fuel or carbon emitters. He continues to explain the need for revenue-neutral carbon tax (carbon tax + tax cut somewhere else), ideally in a phased-in approach.


Elon Musk's Talk at Sorbonne-Carbon Cycle1

Elon Musk’s Talk at Sorbonne-Carbon Cycle1

03:34. Carbon cycle & temperature rise
08.10. Fossil Fuels Era
10:44. Carbon Tax

Elon Musk's Talk at Sorbonne-Carbon Cycle3

Elon Musk’s Talk at Sorbonne-Carbon Cycle3

16:18. Importance of climate change
17:35. Effectiveness of incentives
19:50. Storing CO2
21:07. Lithium availability
22:30. Tesla PowerPack big projects
24:13. Government role
26:43. Colonising Mars
27:52. Future energy sources
29:16. Nuclear fission / Nuclear Fusion
31:45. Advices to energy entrepreneurs
33:22. Government incentives
35:00. Artificial Intelligence
36:22. Fund raising challenges (Tesla insight)

38:54. Changing society energy behaviour
41:19. Green energy lobbying
45:55. COP21 in Paris
46:50. Getting CO2-dependent countries on-board
49:21. Batteries carbon footprint
51:50. Sustainable future roadmap

We all need to talk to our policy makers about Sustainable Future, Carbon Tax, and policies that will speed up the transition toward our Renewable/Sustainable Future! So Let’s Do It! Did you know that states (such as CA, HI, and CO) within USA and countries (such as Germany) within EU that are more progressive with their renewable energy policy all have much lower unemployments rates than those that are not progressive with their renewable energy policy?
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14 March

Looking Into The Future With Elon Musk


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Just received a video that I trust all of us Solar Enthusiasts would enjoy, below, esp. from these three segments:

  1. 1. 0:48-2:05
  2. 7:50-9:10
  3. 12:25-13:40

Elon Musk concurs with our effort and interest in helping our planet Earth to transition into Solar/Renewable Energy! He is definitely our Peops!
In this next video, below, please especially note these segments where Elon Musk discusses carbon tax, battery technology, solar/renewable energy, and our sustainable future.

  1. 8:28-9:30
  2. 24:45-28:20
  3. 31:54-33:30
  4. 40:00-41:00

Our coverage on Elon Musk will continue in the next episode/post.
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22 September

Reaction To Biggest People’s Climate March In History-Please Implement Feed-In-Tariff For Renewable Energy With Incorporation of True Value of Each and Every Renewable Energy


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Please click and view the video below for The Biggest People’s Climate March Ever!

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Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets of NYC, other cities in USA and elsewhere in the world, on Sunday (September 21, 2014), Monday (September 22, 2014) and Tuesday (September 23, 2014), demanding world leaders to do more to take serious actions to slow the Climate Change. In NYC (New York City) alone, there were 310,000 people showing up to march for Climate Justice. So far, there is no global agreement on what to do regarding Climate Change, even though some countries have already taken actions in reducing CO2 emissions (such as Australia’s previous Carbon Tax, European nations (esp. policies by Germany, Italy, and UK), China’s, Taiwan’s, and Japan’s Feed-In-Tariff for Solar & Wind & switching from coal to natural gas, U.S. has switched from coal to natural gas and increased solar and wind installations). This largest climate march in history involves approximately 1500 organizations, but is mostly organized by AVAAZ (with membership of over 30 million people according to wikipedia) and . It has brought together great diversity of people from different social, economic, political, and religious affiliations. It is purposely designed to take place prior to the UN meeting on Tuesday, September 23, 2014, when discussion regarding future direction and finance associated with the topic of climate change will be taking place.

Here, at Sun Is The Future, we’d like to implore leaders of the world to consider implementing Feed-In-Tariff For Renewable Energy: Feed-In Tariffs (FITs) have proven to be the world’s most successful policy for delivering large quantities of renewable energy generation quickly and cheaply. It will help to develop vibrant renewable energy industries (solar-wind-water-geothermal-wave ) that will Reduce CO2 emissions, Slow Climate Change, Solve Energy Problem, Create Local Jobs,  by using our abundant Sunshine and various Renewable Resources. We believe, by implementing Feed-In-Tariff For Renewable Energy, incorporating True Value of Each and Every Renewable Energy, Feed-In-Tariff For Renewable Energy will be implemented most effectively.

This is what hope looks like:

Above photo from @cynryan on Twitter

Below, is part of the email received from Jamie from


On Monday, 310,000 people took to the streets of New York City to call for climate action — the largest climate march in history.

And on Tuesday, the world’s politicians will gather in New York to talk about climate action — 125 heads of state in total. They’ll be gathering with the knowledge that more people than ever are demanding action, not just words, and that their political future is on the line — as well as the future of the planet.

We will bring that message to the top leadership of the UN inside Tuesday’s summit, with a hand-delivered message to top UN climate negotiators. If you stand with the hundreds of thousands of people who marched today around the world, tell world leaders that you mean business:

Today people from the communities where fossil fuels are dug up marched alongside people who live where they are burned. Thousands of workers, the people who stand ready to build a clean, renewable energy system, walked alongside indigenous communities that are already leading with their own climate solutions.

New Yorkers, including those whose homes were wrecked by Superstorm Sandy, marched in huge numbers, standing alongside international ambassadors from communities responding to climate disasters worldwide.

The ripples of the People’s Climate Mobilization are already spreading. A people’s summit outlining the path to a just transition away from fossil fuels starts tomorrow, along with actions targeting corporate polluters in New York.

With your help those ripples can spread further, and strengthen — and on Tuesday, hopefully help rock world leaders into action, where they have only offered words before.


We hope the UN leaders have heard our voices and will seriously consider implementing Feed-In-Tariff For Renewable Energy With Incorporation of True Value of Each and Every Renewable Energy throughout our planet earth.

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7 October

What Impact Do Decreased Solar PV Cost and Carbon Tax Have On Solar Dawn Project of Australia?


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When I first heard about the Australian Solar Dawn Project coming to a halt, in the limbo stage, I was both shocked and disappointed.  Upon further investigation, I have a better grasp of the situation and please allow me to share some of these details with you.

For some background information on the Australian Solar Dawn Project:   the originally proposed 250 megawatt Solar Dawn power plant project was the preferred solar thermal power project of the Australian Government’s Solar Flagships Program.  It  was to be built near Chinchilla in South West Queensland to provide clean and safe energy, using Australia’s abundant solar resource to contribute to a sustainable solar industry in Australia, by offering an international showcase for utility scale, standalone CLFR (Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector) technology power project.  In the process of positioning Australia as a global leader in utility-scale solar thermal power generation, Solar Dawn Project would provide significant local employment and training opportunities and also involve long-term research collaboration with the University of Queensland.  This project would have consisted of approximately 450 hectares of infrastructure including a ‘solar field’ containing the mirrors and steam boiler tubes and a ‘power block’ with the steam turbine generators and ancillary equipment.  Originally, it was expected that the proposed project would have commenced operation in early 2015 following a three-year construction time frame. Below, is a video on AREVA’s Solar Thermal Technology, Solar CLFR (Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector) solar steam generators producing super-heated, high-pressured steam directly from the sun. The steam can then be used to spin an electricity-producing turbine:

But my friends, when one lives in an extremely dynamic time and dynamic industry (solar), there may be fluctuations and changing factors entering on scene: Firstly, the Australian Carbon Tax/Price ( $23 AUD per tonne of emitted CO2 on selected fossil fuels consumed by industrial emitters only) entered the scene on July 1st of 2012. This new development renders it unnecessary for solar energy to have government subsidies by the shear fact that the carbon tax/price has leveled the playing field for all energy forms (the original argument to have solar subsidies was due to uneven playing fields resulting from external factor, such as the cost of environmental cleanup, not being considered) . Secondly, the fact that solar PV panel price has been declining relentlessly in recent years;a critical decision in any business or policy decision is to minimize the cost of production.  Energy/electricity production via solar PV is now much lower than the cost of energy/electricity production via solar thermal using CLFR. (At this point, please allow me to clarify: solar thermal directly producing hot water is at a cost lower than that of solar PV producing hot water, but solar thermal converting into electricity is at a cost higher than the cost of solar PV producing electricity).   Thirdly, the Solar Dawn was unable to negotiate a power purchase agreement (PPA) with the Queensland government-owned electricity utility Ergon Power to meet the June 30 deadline, and so could not attract bank finance.  The question I pose here is how was the decision arrived by Ergon Power? If it were purely due to minimizing cost, the current lower cost of solar PV does weaken solar thermal’s position;but in our changing world, the cost of energy production in any form may still be subject to change, depending on how much R & D  support there will be ( electricity produced from  solar thermal via CLFR may cost more than solar PV now, but this may not hold true in the future) . If Ergon Power’s unwillingness to negotiate a PPA were due to concern/unfamiliarity with large scale solar thermal, then will it be possible for Solar Dawn to modify its plan into series of smaller scale solar thermal projects?  In the final analysis, in order to assure the success of any energy/power business,  it is necessary to have a purchaser/client once the power is produced.

Now, let’s look at the other side of the coin.  I believe that I am a rational solar advocate.  It is important to keep the cost in mind, but also make the argument for the need of more favorable playing field for solar.  Personally, of many many reasons in favor of solar, the two most critical reasons for me are: 1.  the speed at which our Arctic Ice is melting 2. potential  wars among nations fighting over the oil reserves.  Both of these will dramatically impact the lives of countless human beings.  One of my detractors commented, “my parents and I have all lived through wars, so what….”  I contend that we are living in a very different time from previous generations (WWI or WWII).  It is quite possible that any future large-scale war will cost the lives of billions of earthlings and make over half of our planet uninhabitable for decades.  So, my questions here are: How quickly is our Arctic Ice melting? How likely are we going to be at large scale war? By providing more favorable playing field for solar/renewables through policies/incentives, will these efforts avert my two main concerns ? Again, from the bottom of my heart, I have to thank Hermann Scheer of Germany for having made the most moral and ethical decision decades ago in having convinced the German Parliament to establish the equivalent of Feed-In-Tariff and German Renewable Energy Act.  He made an ethical decision, although not necessarily an economic one at the time…decades later, now people of Germany have benefited from that decision economically and renewably. Germany is a leader in Renewable Energy world/industry and has an extremely low unemployment rate compared to other developed nations (Please refer to European Commission Eurostat’s Unemployment Statistics)

Solar Dawn project director Anthony Wiseman said discussions would continue with the Queensland government, and with ARENA (Australian Renewable Energy Agency). “It’s important to understand that we have not ceased work on project,” he said.  He also commented that while the project delay represented a set-back, the consortium made up of AREVA Solar and Wind Prospect, University of Queensland, after CS Energy pulled out, will pursue discussions with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency and the Queensland Government to move Solar Dawn forward based on the project’s advanced status and the strong economic and environmental benefits it offers to the state and the country.  The Australian Solar Energy Society (AuSES) said that it is deeply disappointed with the Queensland Government’s decision to axe funding to the project, as it will put Australia at the forefront of the global solar thermal industry. Here, at Sun Is The Future, we wish Director Wiseman the best in coming up with a modified plan that will be able to attract an agreeable purchaser.  Then pursue the negotiation with Queensland government and ARENA. We have learned that time and time again, people in solar industry tend to have that extra ounce of optimistic energy, supplied by the magical dust from the Sun….

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