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14 July

Sun Is The Future Update & Sonnen-Batterie Press Release


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Sun Is The Future (, advocating for the use of Solar Energy, aiming to spread SunShine throughout planet Earth since 2011

Sun Is The Future (, advocating for the use of Solar Energy, aiming to spread SunShine throughout planet Earth since 2011

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If you are visiting Sun Is The Future for the first time or long-time subscribers, welcome and be prepared for some updates! Sun Is The Future has been advocating for the use of Solar Energy since January of 2011 via information/education (Internet, Youtube Channel, Facebook, Pinterest, Google, Instagram,etc.),  helping entrepreneurs to establish small businesses in Solar Energy/Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency/Recycling via micro-finance/crowdfunding (Sunisthefuture Team at Kiva), and online store (Sunshine Online Store). Sun Is The Future is designed to be a self-sustaining organization, without support from any government and without non-profit status. For those of you who have shown interest in helping to support Sun Is The Future, please feel free to visit Sunshine Online Store to select any gift(s) of appreciation and become part of the support group for Sun Is The Future , Sunisthefuture Team at Kiva, and solar/renewable/recycling/energy efficiency projects at Thus far, we have reached readers/viewers from 192 countries, with more than 20,000 subscribers, and accumulated 132 videos and 566 posts, and have helped more than 1000 small businesses. We hope you will continue to return and participate in our effort in spreading the SunShine throughout our planet Earth.


Now, for a recent press release from Sonnen-Batterie ( winner of Bloomberg 2015 New Energy Pioneers Award and is attending Intersolar North America 2015 at booth #8121.), below:

Sonnenbatterie (Solarbattery) Is Now Offering Its Innovative Products in the United States For the first time in the US, Sonnenbatterie is taking orders for residential and commercial smart energy storage products for distribution through certified channel partners, Sonnenbatterie Centers

Los Angeles, Calif. – July 13, 2015 – Sonnenbatterie, market leader for smart energy storage systems with offices in Los Angeles, California and Bavaria, Germany, today announced that US versions of the residential and commercial products that have earned the reputation of market leader in Europe are now available for ordering and shipment in the US for the first time. Demos of the new products and applications for channel partners will be available at Intersolar North America, Booth #8121.

Today’s news comes on the heels of recent announcements regarding the company’s new research and development facility in Atlanta, GA, and a non-exclusive North American distribution deal with Sungevity.

“I’m very happy to announce that Sonnenbatterie is officially open for business in North America!” said Boris von Bormann, CEO of Sonnenbatterie USA. “Over the last five years, the name Sonnenbatterie has become synonymous throughout Europe with high quality, beautiful design, and easy-to-use home and commercial energy solutions. We’re delighted to invite American consumers to enjoy the Sonnenbatterie experience for themselves.”

Sonnenbatterie products are now available in North America exclusively through channel partners called Sonnenbatterie Centers. Sonnenbatterie Centers are very often local solar installers that enjoy a certain level of geographic exclusivity, given they meet certain volume requirements. Interested parties can seek an application at the company’s booth at Intersolar North America (Booth #8121).

Sonnenbatterie is the German market leader for lithium storage systems with corporate and manufacturing headquarters in Wildpoldsried, Germany, 90 minutes from Munich. The company has sold over 8,000 units of its intelligent energy storage system to homeowners and businesses since entering the market in 2011.

Coupled with a solar energy system, Sonnenbatterie systems can supply residential owners with 100 percent of their energy needs, in addition to providing backup power for the home and taking advantage of different tariff structures for off-peak vs. on-peak use. For commercial customers, Sonnenbatterie helps reduce demand spikes that lead to peak load charges.

About Sonnenbatterie

Sonnenbatterie designs and manufactures fully integrated energy storage systems, with US headquarters in Los Angeles, California and corporate headquarters in Bavaria, Germany. The Sonnenbatterie solution integrates battery cells, an inverter, and energy management software in one package that allows for extremely fast and inexpensive installation. The product offers an array of smart functions like peak shaving and remote management, and has an industry leading expected life of 10,000 charge cycles. Sonnenbatterie has doubled sales every year from 2012 to 2014, and the company has raised a total of $13M in venture capital to date from partners including SET Ventures, Munich Venture Partners, and eCAPITAL.

For more information:

Stefanie Kohl

Sonnenbatterie PR



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22 April

Earth Day & Youtube Birthday-April 22, 2015


Dear Friends, Visitors/Viewers/Readers,

Global Selfie-Earth Day NASA final(Please click on red links & note magenta)

Thanks to President Obama for visiting Everglades of Florida on Earth Day and bringing attention to the importance of action in slowing the climate change in order to preserve our beautiful Everglades for future generations.

Did you know that many are celebrating April 22 as the Earth Day each year? Earth Day aims to inspire the awareness of and appreciation for earth’s environment. It is usually celebrated with outdoor performances such that individuals or groups perform acts of service to earth. Some simple acts you may want to consider participating in: planting trees, picking up roadside trash, becoming involved in recycling and conservation. Here at Sun Is The Future, since our mission is to spread the Sunshine to all parts of the planet earth by information/education via,, ,, , micro-finance (to help entrepreneurs in different parts of the planet to establish small businesses in solar/renewable energy/energy efficiency/recycling via, and online Sunshine Store at . For we, the Solar Enthusiasts, believe that Solar Energy is the solution to: Energy-Pollution-Climate Change-International Conflicts.  So, let’s add one more act of service to your Earth Day celebration: Share the Sun Is The Future with our fellow Earthlings, for we want and need to transition globally into the Solar/ Renewable Energy Age as quickly as possible. So please visit and :

  1. Start A Community Solar Garden/Farm
  2. Encourage Our Florida State Legislators: Please Let The SunShine In The Sunshine State! 
  3. Share the incentive programs for renewable energy & energy efficiency in all 50 states of USA
  4. If you’re not a Florida resident, then think of ways to encourage more effective solar/renewable energy policy for your state. This web site has information for incentives for renewable energy & energy efficiency in all 50 states in USA.
  5. If you’re not a USA resident, then think of ways to encourage more effective solar/renewable energy policy for your community/province/county.
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There’s much we all need to do/act. Below, please allow me to share this video:

Ask yourself what it is that you can do to help increase the healthy longevity of our beautiful planet earth, below.

I just found out that today is actually also the 10th birthday of  Youtube!  To celebrate the existence of Youtube, allow me to share the VERY First Video that was uploaded on Youtube:


Thanks to Youtube for enabling Sun Is The Future to be able to share much with our readers/viewers from over 186 countries (our sister publication Windermere Sun in more than 81 countries). We are eternally grateful for our connection to Youtube.

Gathered, written, and posted by sunisthefuture-Susan Sun Nunamaker

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5 October

Cruiser Stella Will Start @ 8:15 am & Aussie Team Arrow Will Start @8:30 am For World Solar Challenge 2013


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Allow me share this recent release from the World Solar Challenge 2013, below:
Aussie team takes pole, as grid positions decided…

Australia’s solar car ‘Arrow 1’

Team Arrow (Australia) qualification (credit: Bart van Overbeeke Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2013)

from the sunshine state of Queensland has claimed pole position in the Elite Challenger Class for tomorrow’s start of the 2013 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.

Team Eindhoven from the Netherlands and their world’s first family four-seater car ‘Stella’

Stella, the world's first family four-seater solar car, also posted the fastest Cruiser Class time and the second fastest overall in today's qualifying trials at Hidden Valley Motorsports Complex at Darwin, Australia

posted the fastest Cruiser Class time and the second fastest time overall in today’s qualifying trials at Hidden Valley Motorsports Complex, Darwin.

Start line details: 2013 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

Where: State Square Darwin – steps of Parliament House


From 6 am: cars arriving

8.15 am: Chief Minister flags off Cruiser Class

8.30 am Chief Minister flags off Challenger Class

Adventure Class to follow…

For a closer look at many of the solar cars participating at World Solar Challenge 2013, please feel free to click-> Sunisthefuture Photo Gallery.

More development will be brought forward as the challenge progresses. Keep checking back for more !

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gathered, written, and posted by sunisthefuture-Susan Sun Nunamaker

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