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26 April

More Opportunities Through Direct Public Offerings of Cutting Edge Capital


Dear Friends, Visitors/Viewers/Readers, (Please click on red links below),

Thanks to Joy Hughes, Founder of Solar Garden Institute, I’ve just received more good news about crowd financing, below:



Joy Hughes joy@solargardens.org
(719) 207-3097

Looking for Projects in Need of Crowd Financing

Do you have a renewable energy project proposal in need of financing? This could either be a community solar garden using virtual net metering or any other community-based project. We are interested in identifying projects that might be funded using a model called a Direct Public Offering (DPO). For more information and a video about DPO’s, see the Cutting Edge Capital website http://www.cuttingedgecapital.com/resources-and-links/direct-public-offering/ 

Let us know a bit about your project – the location, size, and stage of development.  We need to gather this information before Monday, April 28.  This will help us gauge interest in such a program offering.  Send us a note at info@solargardens.org and include any questions you may have.


Joy Hughes
Founder, Solar Gardens Institute



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26 June

Let Community Solar Garden Bloom!


Dear Friends, Visitors/Viewers/Readers,

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Updates on our Solar-FIT For Sunshine State petition: 167 signatures strong. We need more! Please help us to spread more sunshine by signing this petition and sharing it with others. It is our shared responsibility to move toward the renewable energy age and Sunshine is the cleanest, healthiest, and least war-prone way to go!

Hi, Folks,

(Please click on red links below)

Yes, I’ve been talking about Community Solar Garden to people in my communities. Are you? Think of all the potential sites that may be used as Community Solar Gardens: rooftops and parking lot of Y, schools, apartment complexes, ground of retention areas of each subdivision, etc. Imagine giving 3 kilowatts capacity of a community solar garden as wedding gift to your college room-mate or selling 3 kilowatts capacity on the craiglist. While I conjure up what may be the possible tomorrow, there are more details that need to be addressed today. To  clarify many of these details, I’ve found 2 more videos (red links below)  that will help to increase our understanding of what Community Solar Garden/Farm concept is all about. It is about community garden, growing solar energy, enabling any one who wants to participate (regardless if one is a home owner or apartment dweller, with or without a house that is shaded or optimally oriented for sun exposure…). It is a smart way to invest (tax-free, with guaranteed return, with greater certainty than investing in the stock market) and to save our planet from dramatic climate change. It’s a win-win, No Brainer! Here  are the videos (red links below):

  1. (Leasing Solar Panels Through Garden)
  2. (Community Solar)

    rooftop solar panel array at the Kuppam-i-community office

    rooftop pv panels in Kreuzberg, Berlin

    Westmill Solar Park/Garden (creative commons, GNU Free Documentation License)










I hope this series of presentation on Community Solar Garden/Farm  from June 17-26, 2013 posts of www.sunisthefuture.net has been helpful to you . For those of you who haven’t viewed the series, below:

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Thanks to Joy Hughes at Solar Garden Institute of CO, we are now supplied with additional resources pertaining to Community Solar Garden, below:

CALIFORNIA: SB 43 passes Assembly Utilities and Commerce committee / Oppose SB1295Solar gardens give access to green energy to more Coloradans – The Denver Post

Michigan Welcomes Community Solar

Minnesota Community solar gardens: Coming soon to a neighborhood near you | Fresh Energy

New York Paves the Way for More Solar in the Empire State

The Advantages of Developing Solar on Brownfields | Greentech Media

Film explores effects of solar projects on Native American life | LA Times

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