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11 January

Meritage Homes Sets Solar Standard For Future Homes


Dear Friends, Visitors/Viewers/Readers,

Allow me to share a welcoming transitional event, described below from a post in our sister publication, Windermere Sun:

Meritage Homes, Enclave at Windermere Landing, 11536 Chase Road, Windermere, FL, www.meritagehomes.com, 407-968-9343, 407-461-8390 (credit: Windermere Sun-Susan Sun Nunamaker)

Meritage Homes, Enclave at Windermere Landing, 11536 Chase Road, Windermere, FL, www.meritagehomes.com, 407-968-9343, 407-461-8390, 877-446-5968, 877-275-6374 (credit: Windermere Sun-Susan Sun Nunamaker)

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Windermere Blue Sunset (credit: Windermere Sun-Susan Sun Nunamaker)

Windermere Blue Sunset (credit: Windermere Sun-Susan Sun Nunamaker)

Terrific!! A nearby real estate development in Windermere is incorporating Free Sun Power Solar Systems for rooftops ! That means each house being built will come with a basic Solar System, including the solar panels-solar inverter-solar monitoring system, (that may be expanded, please refer to incentive programs available at DSIRE). It’s about time that smart and informed developers have come to realize that cost of solar panels are sufficiently low and now offer it as one of the “come with the house” features. At Enclave at Windermere Landing, 11536 Chase Road, Windermere FL, one can find 7 different plans at the sales office of Meritage Homes, to see a few, below,

Meritage Homes' plan for Franklin

Meritage Homes’ plan for Franklin

Meritage Homes-Hancock plan

Meritage Homes-Hancock plan

Meritage Homes' Plan for Victoria

Meritage Homes’ Plan for Victoria

Meritage Homes' Plan for Revere

Meritage Homes’ Plan for Revere

ranging from 2349 sq ft to 4521 sq ft. (base prices ranging from $439,990 to $539,990), at a location only minutes from SR 429, SR 408, Florida Turnpike, I-4, and about 15 minutes from Disney, convenient to shopping, schools, outdoor activities, and employment markets.Meritage Homes18-Map final Apparently, Meritage Homes are building in 17 different Central Florida/Orlando communities (in cities of Apopka, Casselberry, Orlando, Oviedo, St. Cloud, Windermere, Winter Garden, Winter Park, Winter Springs). These homes are with luxurious master suites, quality construction (ENERGY STAR certified homes and ENERGY STAR qualified appliances) and energy efficient features.

Energy Efficiency of Meritage Homes

Energy Efficiency of Meritage Homes

I anticipate that future new homes will have Solar Rooftops as part of the Standard. We are seeing the Renewable Energy Future. We are seeing the beginning of the Solar Tsunami, leading by Meritage Homes…..

Come out to see these Meritage Homes…for there won’t be any plots left if you wait too long…for many are ready for the Renewable Energy Future, our Solar Energy Future….

Meritage Homes plots in Enclave at Windermere Landing

Meritage Homes plots in Enclave at Windermere Landing

Another Anticipation For The Future: Anticipation For Tomorrow: President Obama’s Final Presidential State of Union Address-Tuesday, January 12, 2016, at 9:00 pm (EST) (preview below)

Some are speculating what may be included in President Obama’s Final State of the Union Address, below:

 ~have a bright and sunny day~

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26 April

Incentive For Solar (5)-Solar Shingle


If you are in favor of renewable/CLEAN energy, please sign the petition page showing support for FIT/CLEAN Program at http://sunisthefuture.net/?page_id=1065 Thank you.

For many years, in my fantasy world, all homes and buildings would be self-sufficient in terms of energy use, via solar cells in roof shingles, windows, and even paint. I have discovered that this no longer needs to remain in the fantasy world, but now is ready to surface into the reality, thanks to companies such as Dow Chemical, DowSolar’s solar shingles. Solar shingled roofs have a deep dark, purplish-blue color, and therefore look quite similar to other roofs. Solar shingles (photovoltaic shingles) are solar cells designed to look like conventional asphalt shingles.  There are several varieties of solar shingles, including shingle-sized solid panels that take the place of a number of conventional shingles in a strip, semi-rigid designs containing several silicon solar cells that are sized more like conventional shingles, and newer systems using various thin film solar cell technologies that match conventional shingles both in size and flexibility.  Currently, Solar shingles are manufactured by companies including (Ecotech) ecotechshingles.com, SunPower Corporation, United Solar Ovonic (Uni-Solar), Solar Components Corporation, Atlantis Energy Systems, and Dow Chemical.

All photovoltaic power is produced in the form of direct current (DC). Homes use alternating current (AC). Therefore part of the cost of installation of solar shingles is the price of an inverter to make the conversion.

Older solar shingle designs were more expensive to install than traditional PV panels, but new, more efficient designs such as thin-film copper indium gallium selenide (CuInxGa(1-x)Se2) cells can be installed in 10 hours, compared with the 22 to 30 hours required for the installation of traditional panels. The lower cost of installation dramatically reduces the cost of solar power implementation.

Large homebuilders in California like Lennar are partnering with SunPower to offer new construction solar homes that have solar systems installed prior to moving in. Reducing the overhead and using solar roof tile technology makes solar a standard option like granite countertops, making solar an affordable solution to reduce electricity costs.

I have prepared a video clip for  you, available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCClje-k7g4   to get you used to the idea of Solar Shingles.



Please look into the possibility of how you may be able to incorporate these solar shingles into your life/homes in conjunction with all federal tax credits, state incentives mentioned in previous posts of Incentive For Solar series.  More clips will be forthcoming.  We are certainly living in a very dynamic world!


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