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2 April

What Is Solar Cell (4)


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It is wonderful that solar industry is growing exponentially and many conscientious educators and scientists of our planet are all working together to ensure us earthlings to have a smooth transition into the Renewable and Clean Energy Age.  I cannot emphasize enough that Sun Is The Future for human kind for its abundance/availability, cleanliness, safety, and the fact that it is free.   This next clip by Hilaroad will take us from the elemental stage of silicon to the completion of solar module/panel.  The explanations are succinct and  clear.  Once you’ve completed viewing the clip, feel free to go over it again for better recall. or click below:



Now, please look over these questions below. If you are uncertain about any of these questions, please feel free to go over the clip again for better understanding or recall.

1. Object at right angle to sun’s rays is receiving energy at approximately  the rate of _____J/sec/m2 ?

2. Solar cell manufacturers use_____crystal to make solar cell ?

3. How many valence electrons are there in a silicon atom ?

4. Which elements can be added to silicon, according to this clip ?

5. What are N-layer and P-layer of a photovoltaic cell and how are they created?

6. _____energizes electron in N-layer and attracted through a conductor to P-layer ?

7. What is the negative and positive terminal of the solar cell ?

8. How do you produce higher voltage and current using solar cells?


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